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Reply Subj: THOR & MJOLNIR... (where does the power REALLY come from?)
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A question was asked over on the Battle Board. Kinda hoping you all over here can give some commentary about it. The question was about where the real power lies... In Thor... or in Mjolnir.

I do not intend this to be a versus thread, so please don't treat it as such. However, this is what I think, and want to know if anyone agrees with the logic or not, and why.....

Recently, Thor was battling to save Asgard when the Skrulls attacked.

During that battle, Thor tossed Mjolnir to Bill to show everyone that Bill was not a Skrull, and Bill used Mjolnir to power himself up.

I believe that the enchantment grants an exact duplication of the powers of Thor. No division of those powers, no loss of powers on behalf of Thor when another gains the powers. Just an exact copy of the powers contained within the hammer, IF you are worthy, of course, which we all know Bill is.

So this tells me the powers are contained in the Hammer, and are specifically powers that the Hammer grants to the wielder. Which also tells me that they aren't inherrent in Thor, but in the Hammer.

Whatever Thor's personal powers are due to his being born from the union of Odin/Gaea, they are different than what the Hammer grants him when he is in possession of the Hammer. Why? Because I do not see Thor doing most of the various things that he does with the hammmer, when he is not in possession of the Hammer.

Thor does not create mystical vortices without the hammer in hand.
Thor does not channel anti-particles unless he has the hammer in hand.
Thor does not fly unless Mjolnir is in his hand.
Thor does not open dimensional portals or spacial rifts unless Mjolnir is in hand.
Thor does not create barriers or shields unless Mjolnir is in hand.
Thor doesn't absorb power sources (such as Pangoria's magnetic energy, Magneto's personal magnetic field, Skywalkers cosmic raging tempest, Pluto's deadly fire flame, Magic spells, etc....) thrown at him unless Mjolnir is in hand.
Thor never goes invisible or intangible on his own, but can when he has Mjolnir in hand.

The list goes on. So clearly the power resides in the Hammer. Not himself. Because he is never shown demonstrating these powers on his own without Mjolnir. He only demonstrates them when Mjolnir is in hand.

Some things we have seen Thor do on his own, like weather manipulation, channel Thunder and Lightning, stuff like that, because it's been clearly said those are inherrent powers, and can be done irregardless of whether Mjolnir is in hand or not.

Plus, I should remind you that Thor was once unworthy to wield Mjolnir and could NOT power up, wasn't he?. If those powers were IN Thor, then he wouldn't need Mjolnir to power up with.

So Mjolnir isn't just a conduit. Mjolnir is the source of many of the powers that Thor demonstrates.

Your thoughts?

well To alot of us if you READ the phrase on the Side of Mjolnir it says,
NOWHERE does it say the possess power of Mjolnir.
This has been an argument going for a LONG time. I guess it also depends on WHICH Thor you're talking about.

Say it's someone who IS worthy like Erik Masterson, HE was using Thor's powers THROUGH Mjolnir as Thor, but, it IS written that Thor was born with the weather control in Blood Oath.
Warriors Three had said that they had to hit Thor to wake him up from a bad Dream that was causing Storms when Thor was young.
There's also times Thor couldn't USE Mjolnir, Blood Oath being one of those times, and still had shown he controlled storms. The Ragnarok arc was another time. Mjolnir had been Broken and Thor still had his powers.

The MOVIE version seems to show that the powers come from not just Mjolnir, but, from his armor as well like Ultimate Thor, but even THERE it's been revealed Thor had powers before he came to Earth and had to depend on earth made equipment.

When Thor becomes unworthy of Mjolnir say the initial Banishment, he was stripped of his powers to teach him humility, to teach him there are other ways to solve problems with the use of violence.
In the Reigning Arcs Thor had become unworthy of Mjolnir because he Killed someone who had been worthy. He still had powers.

Mjolnir is a TOOL to focus Thor's powers. Yes there are SOME powers/Enchantments IN Mjolnir but not the weather control or Thor's Godforce. ALL Asgardians have a godforce, nothing changes that.
Thor's power/godforce is different from normal Asgardians as well because he's also the son of the Elder Goddess Gaea/Jord.

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