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    well To alot of us if you READ the phrase on the Side of Mjolnir it says,

    NOWHERE does it say the possess power of Mjolnir.
    This has been an argument going for a LONG time. I guess it also depends on WHICH Thor you're talking about.

    Say it's someone who IS worthy like Erik Masterson, HE was using Thor's powers THROUGH Mjolnir as Thor, but, it IS written that Thor was born with the weather control in Blood Oath.

    Warriors Three had said that they had to hit Thor to wake him up from a bad Dream that was causing Storms when Thor was young.
    There's also times Thor couldn't USE Mjolnir, Blood Oath being one of those times, and still had shown he controlled storms. The Ragnarok arc was another time. Mjolnir had been Broken and Thor still had his powers.

I just want to get this very clearly. So are we to understand that Thor is left with nothing if someone worthy pick-up Mjolnir? If the power *IS* Thor and not Mjolnir than it logically means Thor, the provider of the power, is completely depleted of energy if someone else tap 100% of his power.

Thor = 100 power pts
Worthy being = 0 power pts
Worthy being + Mjolnir = taping into Thor's 100 power pts. Which means every pts taken is a point Thor no longer has.

Bottom line, there can never be 2 full power Thor in existence going by that line of thinking. A lot like the Shazam spell when they divide it's power between Billy, Mary and his bro.

As a side note, I REALLY hate Marvel's habit of giving piece of equipment to it's characters that barely have more than cosmetic value when all is said and done. It's lame. REALLY lame. Here it is people, the mighty Mjolnir!! What does it do? Well... it help focus Thor's power... pouet, pouet...  not quite as impressive as it initially was if you ask me...

Oh there can be more than one worthy of Thor's powers and Thor still have his, Thor Corps showed that. Basically it caused Thor Warrior's madness.

  The Hammer provides those worthy duplicate powers, it doesn't actually drain Thor of his. The only time Thor wouldn't have any power is if Odin removes those powers as in the Banishment to earth.
  Thor was BORN with his weather control and the Godforce is ALWAYS there. Only Odin's been known to be able to remove those as punishment.
  Mjolnir for THOR can be used as a magnifier for his godforce as well as focusing lightning.
  An example of Thor using his own Godforce was during the Ragnarok Arc. He used his entire BODY to emit his Godforce to obliterate Durok. Mjolnir at the time was shatter, useless.

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