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Subj: You guys are right on both count
Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 at 02:02:45 pm EST (Viewed 215 times)
Reply Subj: Re: After 40+ years of reading Thor... you'd think we'd have seen him doing these exotic powers w/out Mjolnir by now, but we don't...
Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 at 07:19:40 am EST (Viewed 238 times)

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That is a flawed argument. As I've explained before, you DO see Thor demonstrating all those exotic powers I quoted in the original thread WHEN he has Mjolnir in hand, but I defy you to show me even once, just once, in all the 40 years we've been reading about Thor, where he's seen doing any of those exotic powers I listed on the original thread request when Mjolnir isn't in hand. You won't be able to.

Which is proof in and of itself that the power resides in Mjolnir.

Godblasts, weather control, stuff like that have been officially explained as being things he can personally do.

But the exotic stuff I listed are ALWAYS demonstrated ONLY when Mjolnir is in hand. NEVER w/o Mjolnir.

Rather than saying, "we've seen him do it before", how about producing scans of Thor doing any of the listed feats I gave in the beginning of this thread without Mjolnir.

The power of Thor is presumed to be all the powers you can access via the Hammer. If you claim this hammer, you get all of the powers of the powers of Thor (that are stored in this hammer).

that's why the powers-that-be at marvel should have done something about this by now. the old enchantment on the hammer was a way of odin teaching thor humility. when odin stripped thor of his memories and powers, he wanted thor to learn humility and make himself worthy enough to get his powers back. when thor finally became worthy and restored to his true form, odin should have rescinded the spell and thor should have been his old self before being stripped and cast down.

for me, leaving the spell on the hammer and letting anyone who is worthy to gain the power of thor is pure stupidity. if odin is suppose to be wise and know everything that's going on, he should have put a spell on the hammer to cancel out once thor regain his form. why would odin leave an enchantment on mjolnir to be so vague that anyone that is worthy can gain thor's powers?? it's utterly incompetent and dumb.

when thor came back from his "death." and having the odinpower, the enchantment shouldn't even be on the hammer. it should have cancel out. the logic behind this and leaving the enchantment on mjolnir risk thor's life and his race from thor being handicap.

many times the logic behind this "whoever holds this hammer..." bull is plain stupidity of thor and odin. there has been many times that this could have been corrected, but i don't know why any of the current writers still let this keep going on. i know they're going to say that this makes for more interesting stories, but all this say to me is that thor and odin or idiots and they risk themselves and many others by leaving this on.

this enchantment is soooooooo outdated. it's time for smart writing and get rid of this crutch. if this is done, than odin and thor wouldn't look like fools.

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