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Subj: Re: The fight...
Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 at 10:32:38 am EST (Viewed 141 times)
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    All of asgard is dead and Thor is as usual getting his ass kicked. Err what exactly do you find so compelling about this wash rinse and repeat writing with Ultimate Thor. You liked it because he got his ass kicked with style? Call me crazy but I'd prefer a Thor that KICKED ASS WITH STYLE or WON LOOKING UGLY!!!

Never followed any Ultimate U stuff 'til the Death of Spider-man hype. Have only read the little bit of Ult Thor since. This is all new to me but if it is rehash that would annoy me too.

Really liked that line and a good line can sometimes make an ish notable. Plus reading it after FF12 was like night an day experience.

As for the fight, not that the title character should always win but was entertained by this loss for the reason Rarara posted:

    example of HOW the fight is written being more important than the outcome [Spoilers] · Rehzon

Plus there's always the rematch chance that Thor can turn it around for a comeback victory. Though Reed in any universe is formidable. Which may bring up a point if this is one of the MU realities - can someone remind does this Reed obviously suggest that the writer wiped out one less than all but 4 Reeds?

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