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Subj: Re: No, The Fact That He Doesn't Shave Makes Me Think Less Of Him.
Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 at 07:32:44 pm EST (Viewed 92 times)
Reply Subj: Does Fear Itself make you think less of Odin?
Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 at 09:30:33 pm EST (Viewed 233 times)

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Ignoring whether or not you think it was a good story, Fear Itself confirmed Odin in the distant past/other Ragnarok cyle usurped his brother's position as all-father and razed an entire world to erase all memory of him. This first razing due to the way it was written is highly questionable if it was necessary. He hid this truth for eons. To try and protect Thor from the prophecy he was willing to raze the entire Earth again without even considering other options like attacking Cul before he reaches full strength. Odin comes out not looking well to many people. Mainly thanks to destroying entire worlds.

Or do you feel Odin was fully justified to some extent. Cul's evilness gave Odin every right to overthrow him. That burning Aeshim was necessary to prevent Cul from regaining power. That attacking Earth was justifiable to some extent due to Odin panicking and not thinking straight.


Seriouisly though, I think that Odin is a borderline sociopath. At least since he came back. I read the scene where he threatened Heimdall (Was it?), and I was like WTF? I haven't read many of the older Stan Lee Thor issues (I'm not really sure if I want to, cause they probably read as unintentionally funny today.), but from my readings of Thor, Odin seemed cocky and compliant BUT noble and good-hearted. He was really strict and stern, but he was a pretty good person deep down. From what I read of Odin lately, he's manipulative and self-centered. He'll go to lengths to do what HE feels is right and just. It's like he's the bad guy who thinks that he's a hero. Maybe he's just pissed because Thor brought him back to life. I dunno.