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What he seems to be doing is defending the issue where Red Hulk wields Mjolnir in space.  Someone asked why Thor simply didn't summon Mjolnir out of Red Hulk's hand and that is when he stated that this is something Thor is not able to do.  That is what started the whole discussion.

You are correct. The problem is that once Brevoort makes a declaration, he is utterly incapable of admitting that he's wrong. He will go to his grave without conceding.

It's like when someone asked him a question about whether or not the Worthy could fly, and he came down on the side of 'no, they cannot'. He was then presented with evidence showing that they could fly (in books that he edited). Instead of addressing the incidents, the said that he was editor and he knows more about the characters then the questioner.

It's an unfortunate character flaw. He seems like a nice enough guy and I don't think he 'hates' Thor. He just loves Tom Brevoort.