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    ...I mean, really? Trying to start something with what Walt has written?'s called "drama", in case you are wondering. Thor's dialogue was for dramatic effect. How dramatic would it have been if he said "I better call Mjolnir because a lava bath, although harmless, I would still have to shampoo my hair 10 times just to get the sulfur out of my hair...such a drag...hurry mjolnir"! Besides, Thor said - "before the fall becomes a fatal one", not really a 'plonge' (what the heck is a 'plonge'?) into a magma pool. I reckon Superman wouldn't want to fall a thousand feet drop mere moments after waking up in mid-air...geez! Do we have to explain everything to you Supes fanboys?

...because my goal wasn't to undermine Thor so much as highlight a difference in treatment between how a cherished writer saying something and anybody else possibly saying/writing the same would end up being called very differently. Also, many were very happy to use the bit of dialog where Thor is shown calling his hammer to prove Tom wrong, but I bet a lot weren't as happy with the rest of the dialogue coming with it. My reply was aimed at the writer and Tom B not at the character. That being said, you can be sure as hell I will save that image for possible future uses. Experience tell me it will be most useful down the line.

As for your "explanation" of the scene written by Walt... please... Your reply perfectly illustrate what I just hint at. You are ready to completely re-interpret the whole scene despite it being CRYSTAL clear rather than giving Walt a taste of what you would GLADLY give anybody else who would have wrote the SAME scene. Your drama excuse only goes so far. If it's dramatic, it's because a drama exist. Thor WAS in danger here no matter how you spin it. If he wasn't in any danger from the fall (sorry for my bad English), or the magma then why call it dramatic and have him say all that dramatic stuff and use words like "fatal"? I consider Walt an intelligent guy who is good at using words not someone who who doesn't know what they mean. Why use false drama when you have all the power in the world to design any situation you want in a story? It WAS dramatic, because Thor WAS in danger. Now tell me Tom B saying Thor would be in danger from a similar situation would trigger the reaction I just had? Of course I say that because I'm a hater, and my English is bad, not because it make sense and it has merit. How can it?

As I recall, that scene has been referenced on numerous occasions by those seeking a low showing for Thor.  It has been widely recognized that Walt, while having Thor very strong, had him quite vulnerable to heat and sharp objects.  Consider that Kurse (Algrim) is likewise at risk for death even though at the time, he was comparable to Thor in strength and Thor was at a disadvantage against BRB when they fought due to the surrounding heat.

But consider that there are useful contradictions to that scene, specifically as written by Stan and Jack themselves:
Also, there is an element of the discussion that should be recognized.  Tom Brevoort declared all of those writers, including those who were writing the character before he was even working in the comic industry as having made "mistakes".  On the other hand, I have not seen anywhere where Walt Simonson has ever declared any writer who shows Thor as resistant to lava as having made a "mistake".
Even when Kurt Busiek declared the few writers who have shown Thor as bulletproof as "wrong", he actually had more evidence to do so.  For example, he actually referenced Walt's issues to support this.  But Tom cannot reference Walt's writing to support his  assertion and Walt is widely viewed as Thor's greatest writer.