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Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 at 10:10:43 pm EST (Viewed 202 times)
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      I disagree because what is at stake here is the validity of any statement saying that nothing existed prior to KB that could hint at Thor possibly not always having been bulletproof all the way to his inception.

    This is what they call a straw man. The argument isn't whether there is any proof existent of Thor's vulnerability to bullets prior to Busiek, it's how strong that proof is, whether its stands up to scrutiny, and whether it should overshadow the clear-cut examples of Thor withstanding bullets.

    Pointing to JiM #100 and resting your case is, quite simply, weak sauce. That issue occurred, what, 4-5 issues after Odin and the Asgardians dressed up as U.N. representatives to trick Loki?

    Come on.

Come on yourself. I don't see how JIM can be weak in regard to the topic or how it's a straw man. I don't twist anybody's word to pretend I counter what he said. The one twisting a LOT of words and argument here isn't me. Not by a long shot.

The argument I oppose here is: Thor was bullet proof from day one (or inception if I have to use my opponent's own word). It's anything, but a fact is the problem and you guys apparently prefer providing all sort of ridiculous excuses rather than admit it looks exactly the way it is written. JIM #100 strongly support the idea it wasn't always the case because it clearly tell the reader Thor was careful to avoid being hit and that he wasn't safe. 

Also, even the old OHOTMU entry on Thor doesn't dissipate anything about it as you can read:

Strength: Thor possesses Class 100 strength, enabling
him to lift (press) over 100 tons. Thor's strength is
doubled when he wears his enchanted belt of strength. Known
superhuman powers: Thor possesses the superhuman physical
attributes of an Asgardian, but as the son of Odin, lord of
the Asgardians, and Jord, elder goddess of the Earth, his
strength, endurance, and resistance to injury are greater
than those of the vast majority of his race. Like all
Asgardians, Thor is extremely long-lived (although not
immortal like the Olympians) superhumanly strong (the
average Asgardian male can lift about 30 tons over his head;
Thor can lift over 100 tons above his own), is immune to all
Earthly diseases, and is resistant to conventional injury.
(Asgardian flesh and bone is about three times as dense as
similar human tissue, contributing to the Asgardians'
superhuman strength and weight.) Thor's Asgardian metabolism
gives him far greater than human endurance at all physical

Even if I already know you will all brush aside the OHOTMU like so much dirt under a carpet (knowing full well many would embrace it if it was saying what they want it to say), it still add to the burden of the proof that things were not always like many would like them to be. Being resistant to conventional injury with tissues 3x denser than humans is hardly a strong evidence of complete bulletproofness like we can now see.

Also, as KB said before "He doesn't act as if he's bulletproof, he doesn't talk as if he's bulletproof, and we've seen his skin cut by blades. He says guns can kill him, and I'll take him at his word.

He also comment on Thor#480 and why he think that issue is the exception and not the norm. I don't think his reasoning is all that bad. At the very least, it has merit. There are also other source material he reference elsewhere, I think it was the last Viking, but I think you get the idea there is a solid ground for anyone doubting Thor was always bulletproof. Heck, even Thor#480 doesn't show us a bulletproof guy in the traditional sense of the word and it was the pinnacle of Thor vs bullets before the chain mail era we now have.

I'm sorry but I can't agree with you and if anything is weak it's what you try here. If it was about Superman jumping there wouldn't even be a discussion. People would be laughing at me for trying what you do and with good reason.

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