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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 at 08:29:41 am EST (Viewed 218 times)
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    KB, decided to have Thor be KO by a special bullet, mind you, because he felt there was more evidence pointing to Thor not being outright impervious to that kind of attack than the opposite.

It was actually Priest who wrote the scene.  As I recall from Busiek's (many) discussions on this topic:
Priest spoke with Brevoort and Busiek about shooting an Avenger in the head with a grazing shot and Busiek suggested shooting Thor directly in the head because 1) a grazing shot was a cliché and 2) Thor would survive because the bullet would bounce (or flatten) against his skull.
Busiek later said there was no discussion of a special bullet.  (Nothing in the issue suggests it was a special bullet, iirc.)  He also said that he didn't believe it should have kayoed Thor.