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Subj: For the record....
Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 at 02:42:14 pm EST (Viewed 103 times)
Reply Subj: No...of course were just undermining Thor fans for crying foul over Brevoort's claim...
Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 at 12:21:05 pm EST (Viewed 5 times)

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You were obviously exaggerating...but by doing so, you fail to support your argument.  Saying a ridiculous statement such as "Thor's hammer can easily destroy Eternity" is a flat out invitation for derision from everyone.  It's just too kooky.  While Tom Brevoort's claim that "Thor cannot summon Mjolnir" is a flat out wrong statement, supported by decades of Thor comics.  He is making it up, kind of like how Kurt Busiek (supported by brevoort) made up Thor's allergic reaction to bullets.  Now, in DC they try to make Superman the best Marvel, they try to make hulk the strongest wonders, why Marvel's editor keep on inventing ways to de-power Thor, like the whole bullet-resistant debacle and now, he can't even summon his hammer...hence, people are speculating that they are "haters".  Do i subscribe to that notion...maybe, although i would not go on record...but there are indications to support that idea.

They ARE "haters" and you don't have to kick the daylights out of the obvious to see it.  Just call it what it is.  I wonder if  the consistent, purposeful attempts at the demeaning of Thor have something to do with some of the fall out between Stan Lee and some of those in Marvel..  Very child like. "We're mad at you so we're gonna demean Thor...!"  lol  I mean, really?  WOW.  DC's new 52 look pretty good so far.