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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 at 05:49:15 pm EST (Viewed 89 times)
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    That being said, in that sense, you are right. For some reasons I wasn't thinking of welts as damage. Which isn't a good news for you when we think about it tho. If Thor taking damage from bullets means he isn't bulletproof, and welts are sign of damage

Bulletproof and bullet-resistant are generally interchangeable terms. The point being that bullets do no significant damage to Thor, and have never been shown to prior to Busiek.

    he therefore never really was bulletproof until relatively recently... remember this is you who insisted... by your own admission the scan where Thor has welts now serves the other side of the bulletproof argument. I should thank you? I guess...

So you believe that Busiek was wrong from the get-go? That is what you are saying if you think Thor #480 is a genuine example of Thor's resistance to bullets.

    Well, if there are other plausible explanations where are yours?

Are you paying attention? I already said that, since JiM #100 took place early in his career, he may have been thinking as Blake instead of Thor. Or he was influenced by Blake's experience (remember Thor didn't even start talking like an Asgardian until well into the JiM 100s).

    I still see nothing but you trying to grasp at future events to back a past one.

Posting FOUR clear cut examples, completely eclipsing your one non-example, is hardly grasping at anything.

    I even dare people to humor me and I still see nothing as I read your reply... this doesn't look too good. On top of it part of the future upon which you cling now serve the other side thanks to you.

Are you red-faced? You sound awfully hostile. Could it be that I have just blown the windows out of your house without even trying?

    You probably don't go on the BB too often then because, for a lot less, people are utterly ridicule.

I've endured harsher debating climates than anything you can point to.

    That we can see bullet bounce off Thor 26 years later doesn't mean it was always the case was my point.

So you disagree with Busiek that Thor's durability is the same now (pre-Ragnarok) as it has always been? Geez, you are really at odds with Mr. Busiek.

    Let's just say that welts would not be "acceptable" for a lot of characters considering their history while for Thor is apparently is.

Thor's durability is not interchangeable with the Juggernaut or whoever you're talking about -- whatever your point is.