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    I am looking at this thread and it seems you are the one working a little to hard on the subject.I didnt say Thor started out bullet proof just that your argument just wasnt very strong  with the scans .They dont show Thor being injured enen when  he is flying away.You are right about the evolution process of charaters though.It does get out of hand when we try to make arguments about  the way a charater is now assuming it was always that way.Trying not to stray into battle board territory .I dont see a difference of opinion as a personal attack on Thor.The answer to your question is that the same scans with a different hero would depend on who it was.Spiderman,Daredevil, I would say its obvious.Hulk from the same period I would question as he had bullets bounce off him at times.And yes I would have the same opinion on the subject if someone else used the same example.I have even had my mind changed occasionally  here.

Speaking of straw man... aren't you deforming what we were talking about a wee bit? Since you enter this thread we only spoke about JIM#100, and that only. So how come what I told you is now applicable to everything? Go check your previous replies if you don't believe or remember.

I'll help you. Your first reply to me was:

"Safe from being shot at doesnt mean from injury.Luckily no one else gets hurt from stray bullets.Spin less than interpretation in this case apparently.Do you REALLY think others opinions are only lies?"

You were disagreeing with me about what could be understood from JIM#100. You tried, and "tried" is the correct term, to excuse what was said by insinuating it wasn't safe for bystanders.

To which I reminded you it was a rather futile attempt since Thor said "I'LL". Not anybody else. "I", as in Thor.


"I dont know-it just reignites occasionally.Thor does say where Ill be safe from the bullets but I take that to mean safe place to determine what was going on.Different interpretation I guess.All those shots as he flew away couldnt miss.It has been a long time since I have read those issues.It would have carried more weight as an example if Thor had been hit and injured"

Still no other topic than JIM#100 anywhere to be seen but this time you insisted that the bullets could not have possibly missed (in a comic book no less),  and that Thor needed to be safe to determine what was going on. Safe from what? The noise of the gun shots? That was quite a spin...  hence why I said you were working really  hard to excuse what was said to the point it was now farcical.  

Now I learn that my "argument", which we never debated outside JIM#100, isn't strong with the scan of JIM. Is it because your spin on the event was that good? When I asked you if you weren't working a little too hard to excuse what was explicitly written in JIM#100 I wasn't expecting another spin on our debate. 

Also, again, it's not because the scan doesn't show Thor bleeding from bullet that it makes anything on the topic worthless. If Thor qualifies a weapon of deadly or unsafe for him am I suppose to always work so hard to excuse him? If our situation were reverse and you would have a similar scan as I do now, and it was about Superman, would you accept me giving you the kind of excuses you are now feeding me with the added bonus of me telling you your scan is weak?JIM#100 isn't ambiguous one bit. It only is if you really want it to be. 

Apparently I fight a windmill here on this board. I should have listen to bd2099.

Ha-ha you really are reaching.Either that or you completely missed what I said.Indeed I dont think that scan proves anything.Once more if one had injured Thor I would give more credence to your argument.You  dont give any credit to Thor books that say otherwise but lean on those words from the scan.There have been plenty of examples showing Thor bullet proof.I didnt limit my argument to that one scan.I did give an example of why Thor would think that way and others here have provided even more.I dont get the straw man?The original question wasnt about Thor 100 but his bullet proof and how it works.That was taken into account.The comment on the missing bullets was an attempt at humor.Try it you will have more fun and less frustration here.
 I even answred your questions about different heroes and persons posting the same question.I will say it again .It depends on the hero,Spiderman,or Daredevil would be obvious but Hulk would  make me question it since during the same time period he was shown to have bullets bounce off him at times.Um-Superman isnt a good example for you.The only reason he would say that is to keep others from getting hit by stray bullets,or not wanting to hurt police officers that obviously didnt get the memo saying dont bother to shoot at Superman.I even credit you with being right about charater evolution.It was a giant in Quiixotes mind when he attacked that windmill by the way.If you think I have some agenda against you I dont.We just have different opinions.Consider it as such and the windmill becomes apparent for what it really is.