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Subj: Re: You know I had to reply to this...
Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 at 08:04:07 pm EST (Viewed 91 times)
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    Ha-ha you really are reaching.Either that or you completely missed what I said.Indeed I dont think that scan proves anything.Once more if one had injured Thor I would give more credence to your argument.

If you don't think that scan prove anything then we a have a serious problem. It means I too can decide to dismiss anything that is said or shown if I use my imagination. That's unreasonable.

    You  dont give any credit to Thor books that say otherwise but lean on those words from the scan.

Uh... what? Show me where and when I do that please? I have recognized and acknowledge EVERY blasted scans where Thor is shown taking bullets. You, OTOH, would apparently rather die than acknowledge there are good reasons resting in Thor's past to believe he wasn't always as bulletproof as many would like. It's not like I'm alone to see that.

    There have been plenty of examples showing Thor bullet proof.
That part I agree with. My only beef with you was your attitude regarding JIM#100 that I find downright unreasonable.

    I didnt limit my argument to that one scan.I did give an example of why Thor would think that way and others here have provided even more.I dont get the straw man?

Yet, ALL of your replies in this thread were arguing the interpretation of JIM#100. Show me ONE that debate anything else please. In THIS thread. The straw man refers to the twist in your reply concerning my argument about the whole debate when we never debated anything BUT JIM#100 and how it could be interpreted. It was doubly weird considering your previous replies were not standing. It was also about you implying I had accused you of  disagreeing about Thor being or not bulletproof initially. I said, or implied, no such thing. We only talked about what JIM#100 was meaning. Period.

    The original question wasnt about Thor 100 but his bullet proof and how it works.
True, but we personally never debated anything else as far as I know. Again, you can check it yourself.

    That was taken into account.The comment on the missing bullets was an attempt at humor.Try it you will have more fun and less frustration here.
My bad then because I really didn't catch the humor. With the tone of this thread can you really blame me tho?

    I even answred your questions about different heroes and persons posting the same question.I will say it again .It depends on the hero,Spiderman,or Daredevil would be obvious but Hulk would  make me question it since during the same time period he was shown to have bullets bounce off him at times.Um-Superman isnt a good example for you.

You did answer my question, but that wasn't what I was really seeking as an answer to be honest. I was more trying to put you in my shoes to see if you would see it the same way when someone would gives you the answers you were giving me about JIM#100. I'm not convinced at all the standards would be the same.

    The only reason he would say that is to keep others from getting hit by stray bullets,or not wanting to hurt police officers that obviously didnt get the memo saying dont bother to shoot at Superman.I even credit you with being right about charater evolution.It was a giant in Quiixotes mind when he attacked that windmill by the way.

Is it really the ONLY reason? Maybe back then  like JIM#100 strongly implies, Thor was simply not as impervious to bullets and he really wasn't safe from gun shots. That explanation is all the more plausible considering it's exactly what Thor said. Why the need to find excuses as if the character couldn't eventually have evolved up to where is now is or was 26 years later when bullets from a jet translated into welts?

    If you think I have some agenda against you I dont.We just have different opinions.Consider it as such and the windmill becomes apparent for what it really is.
I don't think you have an agenda against me. I think you overprotect every parcel of Thor's history.

That being said, this is getting out of hand and fighting vs an entire board is really tiresome. I think I'll see you all on a more neutral ground. This isn't going to end well if I continue anyway.Until then, have a nice evening.

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