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Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 04:39:14 pm EST (Viewed 153 times)
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    ...will not have a good showing. Thor has been going down hill in skills and power since JMS left the series. When I pick up a Thor-centric book or title, I couldn't wait to read and see Thor do some big battles! But now...sigh, Thor just looks kind of...pathetic as superhero in his level. When I pick up Superman or Hulk, those guys always show that their the badasses of their book and they prove it! But Thor, he just doesn't look good.

Meh, I think Giffen had him pretty tough. He was beating Doom around pretty darn well until he pulled his Destroyer armor out. And Doom has fought off the Avengers alone. Thor also beat an amped Thing easily and BFR won over an amped Hulk that was doing all sorts of crazy stuff so I do not think it is that bad.

I think that Hulk is a character that lends himself to the crazy much easier. And since Thor fits better as a team power house he is going to have some worse showings honestly. I think that stalemating Surfer is also pretty good considering the guys power and that he was injured at the time. So I do not think it is all doom or gloom but things could be better.

I wish Giffen would take the main title on. I have really liked his Thor. I also think it would help if the Asgardians were not around quite as much. I like them and think they can add alot to a story. That said when Thor is alone I think he has more room to shine.

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