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Subj: Re: There isn't, really.
Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 at 04:34:38 pm EST (Viewed 471 times)
Reply Subj: There isn't, really.
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    First, the Roy Thomas issues happened before Black Panther. So, we have contradicting depictions of Thor. But, the Black Panther issue by written by someone who had no idea about Thor's durability (and was in fact advised by Kurt Busiek). I think the Thor depiction by Roy Thomas, who has written Thor before, and one of the definitive writer of the character, carries greater weight than the Black Panther writer.

When Thomas wrote Thor before, he had Thor deflecting bullets (and arrows and spears) when they were used against him. On one of those occasions, this put innocents in danger and an officer was struck by a ricochet.

I don't believe Thor deflected bullets once in the second run, in which Thor claims Asgardians are bulletproof.

    Second, the writer of Black Panther said that the artist goofed, and that the weapon was supposed to be high-tech, and the bullet was actually vibranium piercing. I do not know if that is true, but that is one of the explanations given.

I'm extremely dubious of that explanation. There wasn't anything in the issue, either art or words, to indicate a special bullet.

    Third, the Black Panther issue caused such a controversy because up until that point, Thor was just accepted as bulletproof.

I think if you go through every issue of Thor prior to Thomas' second run, you'll find that isn't so.

    Fourth, Thor didn't actually say that bullets are a threat to him. He just blocks them so he can be safe from them. Not that - "oooh, i must block them or else I am doomed". Knowing Stan Lee's writing style, he intended that more for effect than anything else.

He said it was fortunate he could keep them from striking him.

    Fifth, there are enough issues by various writers supporting that Thor is bulletproof, so as far as I am concerned, i am already satisfied by that fact.

That's fine. I just ask you acknowledge there's evidence for both sides.

    Sixth, Wonder Woman is a different character from, it may be possible for her to be uber in other things except for bullets, but that does not necessarily follow for Thor, unless there is some sort of showing that he is allergic to bullets.

Agreed. But there is evidence for it.

    Anyway, again, agree to disagree.