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Subj: Re: Even Iron Man said once that his Armor is almost as strong as Thor's skin..
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Reply Subj: Even Iron Man said once that his Armor is almost as strong as Thor's skin..
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      With Thor, we have actual showings where he withstood bullets,

    Yes. That's why I said there's evidence for both sides rather than "Thor isn't bulletproof."

    Because he has been stated-- and yes, shown-- not to be bulletproof. But he has also been shown to be bulletproof.

    Both sides have evidence. What makes me shake my head is how many people refuse to admit it.

The evidence on Thor's side is simply OVERWHELMINMG:


1) Journey Into Mystery-#98- A liquid chemical Force Blast Pipe was fired at Thor by Cobra with no affect. The blast would have surely destroyed a half-dozen man- according to the writer.

2)In THOR- #117, a GIGANTIC Mortar Shell hit Thor, and it said, “Though such a savage blast could reduce a stone wall to rubble-could rip a steel tank to shreds-could tear a gaping hole into the side of a Battle-Cruiser”- “it does not bring destruction to the Mighty Thor.” Thor only loss consciousness for only a short time, and remember a gigantic mortar shell could be anything between a 5,000 pounds of TNT, and beyond. Thor did not sustain any injuries, lacerations, etc. as a result of this explosion.

3)In Thor-#247, Thor was hit by a heavy Mortar-Shell at closed proximity square in his chest, and Thor recovered immediately from the blast with no injuries, whatsoever.

4)In Thor-#210- Thor was struck by Machine guns and a Bazooka with no significant effect, whatsoever.

5)In Thor-#112, the Hulk threw an old World War-2 Mine at Thor. After the Explosion Thor said, “Though no such an explosion can prove Fatal to me”- “it will require few seconds for the shock to wear off.”

6)In Thor-#269, the Stilt-Man fired High Intensity concussion charges at Thor. Thor said that the impact he received would have slain anyone but an Asgardian.

7)In Thor-#281, Thor received a direct impact of a Vibro-Mine. The Space Phantom said, “It’s amazing”. ‘Such concussion would have shaken apart a ship’s hull made of our strongest metal, yet you…” Thor: “ I be made of sterner stuff; I am but dazed”.

8)In Avengers-No.3 (vol.1) A Howitzer Shell was fired on the Avengers by the submariner. Subsequently, Iron Man responded to Thor’s reaction in trying to destroy the Shell, “No, Thor, it won’t affect us, but the explosion may injure the Wasp”.

9) In Avengers-#15 a Giant Mine exploded ONLY temporarily stunning both Thor and Iron Man.

10)Avengers-#137-Iron Man said, “My armor’s almost as strong as his (Thor) skin, and Iron Man is clearly bullet-proof- See Avengers King Size Annual-#6 when he was hit by artillery fire directly at point blank with no affect whatsoever. Also, in Avengers-#145- it clearly states there that Iron Man is not as invulnerable as Thor.

11)Avengers-#146- Assassins weapons that would surely killed someone like Captain America would not kill Thor (Captain America was closed to near death by one of these assassin’s weapons). Specifically, in reference to Thor, an assassin said, “Even these weapons powerful as they are cannot kill him, but they can lure him to the Hospital where the FULL electrical of New York City can be used to destroy him.”

12) In Avengers-#5 (vol.1) pg. 20-in yellow- the writer explicitly stated, “nothing, NOT EVEN AN ATOMIC BLAST can injure Thor or his enchanted hammer”. There you have it, it was long established by Marvel’s creators that Thor is even invulnerable to a blast by an Atom Bomb.

13) Thor was struck indirectly by a DOOMSDAY BOMB that could have destroy an ENTIRE PLANET-Thor-#387.

Note: As you can clearly surmise by this list that Thor is, indeed, Bullet-Proof. Unless, of course, someone can scientifically prove to me that a bullet is more deadly than a Bomb, or a mortar Shell fired at close proximity. Think about it, if someone believes that a mere bullet can penetrate an armored Tank, a War-Ship, A Submarine, and even an Underground Bunker more so than a Bomb, or a Missile, I strongly suggest that they call the Pentagon and tell them about it. I figure that one of two things might happen: 1) They would either totally laugh Out Loud at that Absurd suggestion, or 2) They might believe that you have strong resentment against the people in our military, and you wish them harm.

Next, if you think that list was something- check out my next list:


1)In Avengers-#14-Thor was struck by an Alien freeze ray with no affect or consequences. The explanation given was that Thor’s molecules are different from a mortal.

2)Thor withstood a blast from Fire-Lord’s Cosmic Flame- Thor-#206; the Mystic Flames of Faltine-Thor-Annual-#9; the Lava by the lava Man-Avengers-#5 (vol.1); Ghost Rider’s Hell Fire had no affect on Thor-Avengers-#214; in Thor Annual-#15, Thor took several times the Full Thermal Heat of the Thermal Man (who could completely melt a Tank instantly with a Heat blast). See also Thor-#170 for full depiction of Thermal destructive power; and, finally, in Thor-Annual-#14, Thor survived the heat of the Sun’s core.

3)The most powerful Zodiac’s Stellar weapon did not fell Thor, or caused him any harm or injuries-Avengers-#121.

4)Kang’s dissolution beam pushed to the EXTREME did not stop Thor-Avengers-#143.

5)In Avengers-a future Mechanical Monster by the name of Mechanosaurus blasted Thor with a Megahertz artillery fire that would instantly ripped any vehicle to pieces. The blast did not stop Thor, or injured him in the least.

6)Laser blasts did not affected Thor, or caused him any pain-Thor-#310.

7)Thor was struck by the full power of a Cobalt Canon, which would have incinerated any human being according to the writer-no injuries reported-See Thor-#268.

8)Grog the god crusher deadly power lance blast to Thor’s face did not stunned him- Thor-#390.

9)The Giant Servitor extremely powerful blast did not hurt or stunned Thor-Thor-#242.

10)Thanos space ships struck Thor with deadly Cosmic blasts from all sides. Those blasts would have destroyed any Space Ship to pieces, yet the blasts did not stop Thor. See-Avengers Annual-#7.

11)Ego attacked Thor with Pulsating energy within Ego’s mass that would have Knocked Out an entire civilization. Thor was just stunned-See Thor-#133

12) In Thor- #241, Thor sustained a powerful blast by his father Odin.

13)The Ultra-Cosmic Powerful Celestials blasted Thor several times, and he survived. See-Thor-#300.

Note: The Thermal Man’s Heat Blasts are so remarkably devastating and so utterly destructive that they instantly melt entire Tanks COMPLETELY on contact-See Thor-#170. In fact, the Thermal Man’s creator was directly hit with some of these Thermal’s blast and was instantly turned to Ashes-See Thor-Annual-#15. Thor was also hit several times directly by these Thermal blasts. If Thor wouldn’t be Bullet-Proof, do you actually think that Thor would have survived those blasts? Particularly, when Tanks (that are supposedly bullet-Proof) instantly melt on contact, as a result? Now, how about a list of devastating physical punishment that someone who’s NOT Bullet-Proof, probably, wouldn’t survive the first seconds of a battle:

Thor has taken severe punishing blows by some creatures whose strength is not only superior to that of Thor, but by others whose strength and power are beyond anything that the most powerful Super-Heroes in the business could ever hope to absorb in a life-time. Here are some examples of the many names: 1) Durok, a being immeasurably strong and powerful whose physical make-up is that of a Living Stone. 2) Kurse, a creature whose physical strength, and invulnerability more than double or triple that of Thor, 3) The Destroyer, whose power and strength were given by Odin and other Earth’s Sky-Fathers; plus the Destroyer’s Armor is considered to be akin to that of the Cosmic Celestial’s armor. 4) Thor resisted the crushing hand of The Mangog whose strength is that of a billion, billion beings. See Thor-#156. 5) The Giant Devourer, whose strength may be akin to that of the Mangog, struck Thor with both hands at full force. This creature was so unbelievably powerful that Thor’s hammer proved to be almost ineffectual against him-Marvel Two In One-#23. 6) Terminus who threw Thor through a building at such unbelievable speed that the entire foundation of the building immediately collapsed around him-Thor-Annual-#15. 7) Thor was struck a very heavy punishing blow by the eldest Elemental in the Marvel Universe Surtur. See Thor-#351. 8) Thor was physically swatted like a bug by the 300,000 ft. tall King god of Rhun- Thor-#220. 9) Finally, Thor was not only swatted by the Celestial leader, the One Above All, like an insect, but in addition, the One Above All hurled unnumbered tons of delicate Celestial apparatus at Thor- and Thor immediately got back on his feet. See Thor-#288.

You're intent on trying to make it about whether or not Thor is capable of surviving deadlier things than a bullet. No one contests that he can.

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