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Subj: Re: about the Black Panther thing...
Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 at 06:55:21 pm EST (Viewed 448 times)
Reply Subj: about the Black Panther thing...
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    Yes, the explanation is not in printed form because the writer himself said that the artist goofed. It should have been rendered like it's a high-tech weapon and that it's a vibranium piercing bullet. That's what the writer said...again, I am not sure if it's true or not, it's just what he said in message boards.

Yes, I've seen his explanation. It doesn't match the printed comic, though. It's possible that Priest changed his mind between speaking with Busiek and writing the story, and the showing would make more sense if that's what had happened since Thor was knocked out briefly. But as it saw print... it's just a bullet. :-\

    I have gone through Thor's issues prior to Roy Thomas' second run, and I have never seen a bullet hurt him. The instances where he did deflect bullets are not that many because his adventures tend to be mosre cosmic than ordinary thugs with machine guns. But when bullets did do hit him, he was not injured. Basically, the only evidence I will consider is what is printed in comics. So, no, I do not consider the Black Panther writer's explanation in a message board (just said it to tell you that is the explanation he gave). But I do consider conflicting showings and try to harmonize them. Roy Thomas, one of the longest Thor scribes in the character's history, versus the Black Panther writer who didn't know about Thor's powers or durability (and had to ask KB), I give greater weight to Roy Thomas' depiction, of course.

In what issues do bullets hit Thor prior to #480?

From reading Thomas' two runs on Thor, it seems to me his opinion regarding Thor and bullets changed.