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Subj: Re: Why would I? (Edited)
Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 at 08:48:57 am EST (Viewed 459 times)
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    You should probably just point him towards that thread on Herochat where you and Norvell IIRC were getting into it. The scenes with Thor deflecting bullets into a crowd of bystanders were certainly interesting. As you say, theres evidence both ways or probably more accurately - sometimes he was written as if he was bulletproof and sometimes he wasnt. Guys like Busiek and Brevoort are hardline on the "he wasn't" angle while brushing aside the other evidence whereas many people hereabouts probably take the other side.

I'm pretty sure that most have seen the scenes where Thor endangers others-- even getting one attacker killed-- so I don't believe linking the thread would have any effect.

To the best of my knowledge, with the exception of an obscure guest appearance in Moon Knight Thor was written as if he were not bulletproof for 30+ years. Busiek takes a firm stance on it, but he at least acknowledges that Thor has been shown to be bulletproof-- he just concluded that Thomas' scene was a mistake and not all that came before. Many on the Pro-Bulletproof side deny the very existence of evidence that Thor isn't bulletproof.