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Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 at 04:02:53 pm EST (Viewed 444 times)
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    With what I can see here I'm sure you didn't read anything carefully at all if all you saw was ONE bad showing supporting all I've said. However, it's crystal clear there is nothing to hope out of that discussion so I'll simply wish you a good day and be done with it.
    later Oliva.

You go by the preponderance of evidence that it seems to overhelmingly favors Thor to be beyond bullet-proof; plus, the fact that Thor has never been hurt by a ordinary conventional bullet. There's nothing else to go on- if you really think about it in an objective fashion... There's no bias in my part- If Thor would've been hurt by an ordianary bullet- I've no choice but to accept it
However, it still wouldn't explain how he would've survive a far more devestating lethal attack by similar amunitions that are far more destructive.