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Subj: Re: I'm kinda ticked off by this DISBELIEF that Thor is NOT bullet-proof...
Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 at 06:40:23 pm EST (Viewed 505 times)
Reply Subj: I'm kinda ticked off by this DISBELIEF that Thor is NOT bullet-proof...
Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 04:15:11 pm EST (Viewed 924 times)

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If Thor is NOT bullet proof, and he’s just he’s bullet resistant, how is it Possible that could survive blows by Super-Powerful beings, Uber blasts, high caliber Artillery fire, Heat Seeking Missiles, etc.? Thor has no unique allergy to bullets- as some have tried to desperately ascribe that weakness on him. The Molecular Structure of bullets is not so Alien compared to that that of an Anti-Tank Rocket fire by a Bazooka, an Anti-Tank Shell, or a Heat Seeking Missile; except that the latter have far more destructive capabilities and can pierce Armored Tanks whereas mere bullets cannot… Heck, even Roy Thomas is wrong in his depiction that Thor develops troublesome welts as a result high caliber bullets.. Just imagine if that was the case, what a HEAT-Seeking Missile would’ve done to him?

I know the Moderator said that we shouldn’t use any personal attacks against each other or to the likes of Tom Bravoort or Kurt Busiek, and he’s correct. However, what would happen if those two would pay a visit to the Pentagon and postulate a theory to the SERIOUS "Experts" who work there that "Something" that could potentially be vulnerable to bullets would also be impervious to Anti-Tank Shells, Heat Seeking Missiles, Thermal Heat radiation that would melt Tanks on impact, an Atomic Explosion, an indirect hit by a Planetary Doomsday Bomb producing shock waves that could conceivably obliterate countries or continents; while at the same time falling down and crashing down to a Planet (with all the friction) faster than a bullet as he did vs. the Celestials, and finally to top it all, the EXTREME pressure and GRAVITY of a Neutron Star that is MANY times the pressure of our Sun.. The reaction will most likely that they would be laughed out of the Pentagon, and they in the Pentagon would be talking about this absurdity for years to come.

(Note: and judging from the above illustrations, does Thor supposed to have really serious problems facing the likes of Graviton? It makes no sense…)

What makes this really bad is the fact that someone like Tom Bravoort has the capability to do CONSIDERABLE damage to a character like Thor, being that he’s in a position of power in the Marvel Industry….. What took place in the JLA/Avengers, vs. Hulk DVD, Red Hulk, etc. should not come as a HUGE BIG surprise to anyone… What it really boils down to is the fact that they don’t like anyone to be as durable as arguably the most famous Super-Hero of all time in Superman (except for Spider Man and Batman, and perhaps the Hulk- Thor and other Super-Heroes are not quite there yet- although Marvel would NEVER let the Hulk or even the likes of Captain America who represents the good ol’ USA defeat Batman in an convincing fashion).

They don’t like the fact that a Viking Super-Hero that Marvel never pushed in the least through decades should’ve done as well as he did in the Theaters in order to justify their lack of interest in Thor all these years (The bad treatment on their part for a character that they perhaps consider to be lower than a C as compare to Spiderman who’s an A has NOT gone unnoticed by many fans). For why do they care SO much or not if Thor is vulnerable to bullets? I don’t think they truly believe that Stan Lee was correct in saying that that Thor was Marvel’s answer to Superman… What’s worse is the fact that even if Tom and the others feel that they made a mistake in judgment they would NEVER publicly recognize it. As Kurt Busiek said to me once in this Forum, that writers or Editors do not have any obligation to respond to fans at all.. They consider themselves to be that above the fans; regardless of the fact that folks like us are literally paying for their salaries.. The TRUTH is that Marvel would not exist if not for the fans…. Things gotta change in Marvel for the better in terms of their approach to the fans, and for starters they should make Continuity a PRIORITY in an effort to minimize confusion among old and new fans alike….

Its just part of magical beings, as Balder vulnerable to mistletoe, WW sharp fast moving items etc!

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