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Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 08:50:05 am EST (Viewed 444 times)
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      Has Wonder Woman survive w/o injuries direct impacts by an Anti-Tank Shell? A Heat Seeking Missile? Artillery Fire? A Tactical Nuke? A Cobalt Bomb? An Anti-Tank Rocket propelled weapon like they use in a Bazooka? Exploding Mines with all kinds of pellets, shrapnel’s, etc flying at super-speed?


        Please, if WW has survive through all of these, let me see the illustrations.. What's more WW is not a Marvel character- so she shouldn't be the best optimal example you can find for comparison...

    If I show you a scan of WW being punched from near the sun all the way to the earth by a very P.O. Superman, as well as her surviving the explosive re-entry and crash in the process will you consider it or you will dance around it while producing excuses?

Who told you Thor was WW? Who told you the same absurd Laws that says that WW is not bullet-proof applies to Thor? Show me one single illustration that Thor was hurt or practically killed by an ordinary bullet in his entire 40 years + history, and I won't Disco Dance so good as I'm doing right at this very minute... Heck, John Travolta has NOTHING on me.....

    If I show you a scan of WW taking the full brunt of a bomb directly against her body to shield all around her will you acknowledge it or will it automatically be PIS?

    If I show you scans of WW taking a bath in a vat of molten metal or in a volcano with no damage to herself whatsoever will you believe it at all? Didn't we recently saw a excellent scan of Thor dreading a fall into lava BTW...

Yes, Mystic fire that can burn even  gods pretty good- so what's new? I mean, it isn't like he didn't took Fire-Lords' Cosmic Fire DIRECTLY; even the Surfer had trouble absorbing Fire-Lords Cosmic Flames- see below:
However, Thor has shown to be even very durable against Mystic Fires as well:

    If I show you a scan of WW taking a nuke at point blank like a real princess, will you stop with the argument bullet can't affect people who can endure all those things that are FAR more powerful?

But bullets have Never hurt Thor in particular.  Thor has no such MYSTIC Allergies to bullets, rockets, missiles, cobalt explosions, mines, Nuclear Explosions, etc.

    If the answer to any of these question is no, then I suggest you reconsider your objectivity as well as you asking anything out of others about that particular topic.
     BTW, just so you know, I CAN show you all I just described word for word without anything being ambiguous. You might want to reconsider asking for those scans.

Show if that's what you like, but it won't change the outcome one iota...

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