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Subj: Re: Even Iron Man said once that his Armor is almost as strong as Thor's skin..
Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 09:18:33 am EST (Viewed 554 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Even Iron Man said once that his Armor is almost as strong as Thor's skin..
Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 08:25:55 am EST (Viewed 465 times)

    Makes no sense, but them we're talking about a DC character...



      Being immune to harm from a one form of attack isn't proof of immunity against a less powerful attack-- not when there's evidence to the contrary. And I don't just mean the scene where she was successfully shot. We knew she was vulnerable to bullets before then by-- guess what-- how she acted when fired upon. For 30 years, give or take, Thor acted as if he was not bulletproof and made the occasional comment saying bullets posed a threat to him.

    The question then is: Would an armored piercing Anti-Tank Shell or a Missile (who's structural make-up is not so different than a bullet, but is literally hundreds of times more powerful)kill her on impact as opposed to Thor?

I don't know. You didn't address what I said.

    You're implying CASUALITY- statistically speaking.. There's no cause and effect relationship between Thor and WW, because they're basically two different characters existing independently in two different parallel Universes with different Laws governing them. Personally, I think that she should be bullet-proof if she could take a Nuclear Explosion, but then that's DC for you.... Thor has NEVER been injured or seriously injured by a bullet in his ENTIRE run as a Marvel Super-Hero... If not show me otherwise..

I'm not implying a relationship between them. I'm responding to your argument that a character must be bulletproof if he's withstood far greater attacks.


Yes. Thomas' second run is why I said there's evidence for both sides rather than saying Thor isn't bulletproof.


Those aren't bullets. They're hi-tech weapons created by the Bi-Beast.

    See? Thor wasn't hurt- unlike WW....

*BP scan*

*Scan of Thor causing a man's death because he deflected bullets*

*Scan of Thor endangering a crowd of innocents, causing an officer to be hit by a ricochet, because he shielded himself from bullets*

*Scan of Thor saying he's fortunate to be able to deflect bullets before they strike him*

*Scan of Thor saying orders to kill would be carried out if he couldn't deflect the bullets*