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Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 03:23:13 pm EST (Viewed 163 times)
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       Who told you Thor was WW? Who told you the same absurd Laws that says that WW is not bullet-proof applies to Thor? Show me one single illustration that Thor was hurt or practically killed by an ordinary bullet in his entire 40 years + history, and I won't Disco Dance so good as I'm doing right at this very minute... Heck, John Travolta has NOTHING on me..... 

    It was never about WW, but about superior attacks meaning anything at all for many characters in comic books. In other words, why your basic premise is not as valid as you like to think. Also, and for probably the 20th times, blood drawn from a bullet is not the only way to prove our point. It's the only way for you to flee it tho. That's not the same. Remember that you are the one who asked for scans. Why ask for them if they won't matter anyway?

    Who said it was "mystic" fire? Was it said anywhere or are we to assume everything that isn't on midgard is automatically magical? After all, since you guys use the "explicit" excuse for WW, I think the least you can do is show us just how explicit your claims are... heuristically fabricated fan mythos won't cut it. Also, even if it was "mystic" fire, why should we automatically assume it's mightier or different in the way it burns? 

      But bullets have Never hurt Thor in particular.  Thor has no such MYSTIC Allergies to bullets, rockets, missiles, cobalt explosions, mines, Nuclear Explosions, etc.
    We'll get to that later. Nice dodge, but this here wasn't the question at all. The question was, will you stop resorting to arguments like "but he survived much worst so he therefore can't be affected by less" since we answered your questions concerning about what WW was shown capable of doing?  
    That excuse is even more dubious anyway since many here attribute many virtues to magical origin regarding durability that can't even be challenged by others because "it's not suppose to make sense". However, when magical origins are used to explain why Thor has trouble eating bullets but not missiles, like Brevoort did, it HAS to make sense else it's a conspiracy against Thor instead of a way to reconcile his past... Hypocrisy much? 

      Show if that's what you like, but it won't change the outcome one iota...

    Ah!!! here we are... So why did you even bother asking anything out of your opponents then? No matter what we show you, you won't look or listen. But I appreciate the honesty.
    The pic with the Mystic Fire I believe it was a furnace that can melt Uru, etc. I don't have the comic with me at this time... but the Heat is pretty strong if it can melt Uru, don't you think?  Also, it's not conspiracy per se, but bias that propel some in Marvel to look down at Thor.  They don't believe that Thor should be a great role model like Superman, Captain America, Spiderman, and yes, even the Hulk. That's why he's all over the place.  He's been soundly beaten by Superman, choked by Hercules, Harpooned by a small god; while showing virtually no tactical defense whatsoever against the attack, utterly battered by the Hulk in the Hulk DVD- while the creators laughed at Thor bad portrayal and praising Sif as a much better powerful warrior, beaten with his own Hammer to a pulp no less by the RedHulk, etc.  With Thor, the Editors would tell the writers to do as they will; except making the Hulk or others they consider good role model look bad. It's actual disdain they have for Thor, and you don't need to be a psychologist to notice that.... it's better for these people to have Thor be, somewhat, vulnerable to bullets so he can take a lot of beaten, and justify his losses, I guess....

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