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        I suppose it comes down to what you mean by "proof" and resistant. If you say that Thor is bulletproof, that means no bullet can ever penetrate his skin. So a 50 cal uranium slug, or let's just say adamantium even, is fired from a gun worthy of Cable, does that mean it's no threat to Thor? Also, I think that when you say bulletproof, it also means that bullets won't hurt him at all. Just because they can't penetrate his skin doesn't mean they won't sting.


        You're exactly right! The debate should be if Thor is bullet-proof, or maybe just resitant to bullets. Some here are arguing that he could be killed by an ordinary conventional bullets- a la Wonder Woman. Now, conventional wisdom would tell you that a Heat-Seeking Missile has more destructive fire-power, and could just as easily pentrate an armored Tank as well 50 cal Uraniun slug.. Even further, a Gigantic Mortar Shell that could rip a Tank to shreds and could tear a gaping hole in the side of a BATTLE CRUISER- has potentially far more penetrating power than a 50 CA Uraniun slug- see Thor-#117..

      First, to answer many here, I think it was quite obvious in this discussion that the use of "bullet-proof" had in mind 21th century conventional human bullets. Not super-duper indestructible and extraterrestrial ammunition that travel at many times the speed of light and beyond.  Nobody is totally bullet-proof period, but many are bullet-proof by our current human standards.
      Second, as far as I'm concerned, it was only Thor's past that was suspicious in regard to him being "bullet-proof". Marvel seem to have made their mind once his new series began.
      Finally, as you have been told SEVERAL times now, conventional wisdom using heat-seeking missiles argumentation is irrelevant in this topic. Utterly so. The same goes for the "explicit" excuse since those excuses weren't always there to begin with and for some characters they still aren't.
      Very nice about the whole thing. You guys are trying to SUGGEST that Thor and WW are basically the same in terms of vulnerability based on NO evidence whatsoever; nevermind that Thor was NEVER, and when I mean Never, I mean NEVERRR WAS HURT BY AN ORDINARY BULLET!! Forget about the fact that he was blocking the bullets all that time- he uses CONSTANTLY the hammer for defensive and offensive purposes. Heck, he even used the hammer to block Hulk's punches, and hit Spider-Man with it ( a being that's not ONLY vulnerable to bullet, but that Thor could potentially take out physically w/o Any effort). Never mind, also, that Thor doesn't look like WW, or are you guys are trying to give Thor fans some sort of complex or something.  I was showing some of my friends some of posts here arguing that Thor can take bullets by  Anti-Tank Shells, Missiles but was vulnerable to bullets (even though there're pics showing Thor taking bullets by machine guns), and they were laughing saying that there's no way that anyone could argue something so PREPOSTEROUS.  To them is laughable and utterly ridiculous.. despite the fact that this is all about comics...  If a character can take a Heat Seeking Missile point blank w/o not even one SINGLE injury- there's NO reason in hell or heaven that he/she couldn't take an ordinary bullet; since the MATERIAL of a Missile is not Alien to that of weak conventional bullets- that some CANNOT even penetrate light Armor.  C'mon guys this is truly Ridiculous Conversation.. and thus far I've tried extremely hard to be very nice, but to say that I'm the ONE Hopeless, when you guys are suggesting something so fundamantally impossible and absurd- it's just beyond the pale....

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