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Subj: I posit an interesting point to consider for Thor's "bulletproofness"...
Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 at 03:29:39 pm EST (Viewed 142 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Interesting...
Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 at 08:45:24 am EST (Viewed 208 times)

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    He would not intentionallly put innocents in harm's way, but collateral damage does occur even with the best of intentions.

When you know you can take the shots why risk any ricochet at all was the point. Despite his infatuation with himself and his arrogance, Thor is a caring noble hero. At least he use to be. The guy you describe is nothing more than a berserker who look upon others as expendable material not even worth some welts. This isn't Thor.

    The fact that every writer and artist "goes to the well" of him deflecting everything with Mjolnir just shows a lack of originality and thinking outside the box on their parts.

That or, it shows that deflecting wasn't just for fun. Apparently, for some obscure reason, deflecting can't possibly mean what it means for other characters like WW. It just can't. BTW, I'm referring to Thor's past here so don't use the recent OHOTMU to reply he has 6 in durability because it's irrelevant. Show me an OHOTMU that say he has 6 in durability (or the equivalent) for the referenced time period and it will be different. 

    Thor would take the "welts" since they would bounce of him just like they do the Hulk.
Again, we are talking about Thor as he was in his first 30 years. Not how he is today. Thor would most likely take the welts like Hulk, but would he have done the same back then was the actual issue. It's FAR from clear is what the opposition say.

As I am sure you recall The Wrecker's debut in Thor #148. Considering he got his power from Karnilla, who was in the process of restoring ("hastily" as the story goes) Loki to his full capacity (typical Asgardian attributes), Wrecker became augmented physiologically to withstand .45 caliber firepower in addition to lifting 40 tons (pre sharing with the Crew). This comes from the same OHMU that you refer to.

Now, if Wrecker can withstand .45 caliber bullets with typical Asgardian attributes ala Loki, don't you think that a god that is half Asgardian/half Elder God should be totally resistant to that and above? I mean really, a mortal becomes "bulletproof" when given Asgardian power,but a REAL ASGARDIAN isn't. REALLY?????

I know that you have referenced JIM #100 with regard to the whole bullet thing, I would like to counter that with the recent Thor/Iron Man "God Complex" #4. If you have read it, then you know how Diablo gained god-like powers. My counter is when he "thinks" he is being burned by dragon fire and High Evolutionary states that Diablo is still "anchored by his mortal form" (i.e. thinking like a mortal). I propose that in JIM #100, Thor is still thinking like Blake and still thinks he is a mortal who has only gained the powers of a god (since he does not realize at this time that he actually is one). Kind of similar mind sets if you really think about it.

With regard to Thor as a Warrior God and his perspective on things, he has to be looked at from his own culture's POV and not through our own modern day sociological views of right/wrong, good/bad, etc.... What is acceptable to one culture, is possibly taboo to another; but that does not make one right and the other wrong. Even the most brutal warlord of the past could be considered to be noble by their cultures own standards and reviled by today's current standards. Thor is a VIKING first (that might be why Fraction's portrayal of him does not bother me as much as it does others here; his inability to finish an arc with the same intensity as he starts it is another discussion) and must be looked at as such. They see glory in death by combat. If a bystander dies while he is trying to do whatever he is trying to do, Thor would be bothered by it and try to avenge it, but he would also see it as the bystander will be rewarded in the afterlife as he and his culture perceive such things.

As for the early part of last thirty years, Comics were under the thumb of the Comic Code Authority and "had to play ball" if they wanted their product on the racks. Other than Superman and Wonder Woman and their "bulletproof/defelection" thing, who "DC" established long before the CCA came into existence, Stan and Marvel had to watch the "violence" quotient and how gun play was handled. Things really did not loosen up until the late 70's/ early 80's and by then it was just assumed that Thor was bulletproof.

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