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Subj: Superman and the Hulk comes to mind...hehe, just kidding.
Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 at 06:56:15 am EST (Viewed 14 times)
Reply Subj: Not To Turn This Into A Battle Board Thread But: Have There Been Any Villians/Heroes/Opponents That Shouldn't Have Been Able To Beat Thor But Did Anyway?
Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 at 08:36:38 am EST (Viewed 108 times)

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This isn't a Thor versus who and the winner is, but rather a disappointing or false showing for Thor. I started this because Mongoose used to give Thor trouble. He's a really weird character. Not a bad character just- strange. I don't think that this should have happened.I don't see somebody like Mongoose being able to last very long against Thor. By the way, whatever happened to him anyway?

I know that a lot of people complained about Thor's takedown in Siege, but I didn't have a problem with it. Facing ALL four of the U-Foes at once is tough enough, BUT when you add Quicksilver, Sunstroke (Whoever that is.)and one or three others, I don't think that it was an unjust fight. The only one that I can think of is Mongoose. I don't know much about Zarko (Is that how you spell his name? Or is it Zarkko or Zarrko?) the Tomorrow Man, but he doesn't seem like he should be a threat to Thor either. It's inevitable that Thor has had low showings in the past. Anybody whose been used on a pervasively consistent basis is bound to. That's just the rules. Thor, Superman, Darkside. That's just what happens. But the only one that I can think of is Mongoose. Come to think of it, the Cobra used to be a big enemy of Thor's also didn't he? That sounds wrong also. But that's another topic. Or is it?: P. Merry Christmas all.

(kidding because) they haven't beaten Thor yet...haha, again, I kid, I kid. Anyway, I wouldn't let those low-end showings bother me. It's all part of the story. The Mongoose thing had to happen because Tom DeFalco wanted a way to bond Eric Masterson with Thor, so, yeah, Eric had to save Thor from Mongoose so the Odinson will feel indebted to him so he will petition Odin to save the mortal (and since that time Odin was kind of weakened due to lack of sleep) by bonding them forever (and forever turned out to be for only about a year or so). It's just a means to tell the story... how Thor (or any character) fares in the fight is merely secondary to the story...but then again, if the story is feeble to non-existent, like JLA/Avengers, all you are left with are the fights (hah! I kid again...well, sort of).

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