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Subj: There are limits. Just not to the degree you think of.
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Reply Subj: Re: A lot of it for me is how he comes across in comparision to other characters and just in general.
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    I think I may have covered this in another post, but for Thor humility was not part of his culture. One is supposed to brag about their accomplishments and not downplay them. There is also a difference between self-confidence and arrogance. Thor yelling what he can do and being able to back it up is more self-confidence. Thor has no reason to downplay what he can do. Most often when I read it the times Thor tends to only throw it in someone else's face is during battle against an enemy. Then it can be a useful tactic to undermine their confidence. Thor usually shows a level of maturity that I would say means he has learned his lesson for the most part.

    If you want arrogance that is Hercules's department. He tends to brag a lot more than Thor ever does. He is very much the "act without thinking" arrogance that got Thor in trouble in the first place.

    The second is comparison to other characters. Dr. Strange in battle has over the years boasted about how he is the sorcerer supreme. Again, in battle this helps intimidate his opponent and serve to boost Strange's own confidence. Strange learned his lesson of humility long ago and does not usually have it visited time and again. Or maybe I have just not read enough about Strange. The other is look at the Hulk. He constantly boasts about how he is the "strongest one there is." Yet instead of that getting proved wrong the Hulk is generally treated like he is in the right. Anytime he does mess up it is always some outside influence or lack of Banner. In all the other media tends to be about how great Hulk is and so much better then everyone else.

If boasting is part of his culture than what is Odin's problem? There must be limits to even that cultural trait otherwise it wouldn't make sense to teach the guy humility. IMHO of course.

Odin wanted Thor to learn enough humility to learn to care about those weaker then him and know his consequences have actions. Before being banished Thor would seek out any fight he could regardless of what would occur afterwords. His actions nearly started a war which could have killed who knows how many people. Thor was so invincible and had become so self-centered that he acted with little regard toward others. On one hand he knew what was noble and tried to live up to it, but by failing to think through on his actions he was causing problems throughout the nine realms.

The current Thor still boasts a lot, but he usually only engages in battles that come to him or are necessary. He no longer seeks out combat just to prove how great he is. He also tends to be more respectful of the lives of others whereas before he probable would have cared a lot less about whether or not his enemies lived. So Thor did learn humility, but not to the degree modern culture thinks one should be humble. Modesty is not an Asgardian virtue.

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