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Subj: Standard Asgardians = Red Shirt (text)
Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 at 08:38:19 pm EST (Viewed 142 times)
Reply Subj: So Are Most Of The Asgardians Pretty Much Useless?
Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 at 02:21:04 pm EST (Viewed 207 times)

    Because when you think about it, it seems like they pretty much are. I mean, we don't even know most of them do we? They're pretty much just nameless background characters. And characters that seem to be there in place to help Asgard fight. Fight when Odin does stuff like take the battle to Galactus, or when Asgard has to rally together because it's under attack from Surtur or some other big menace or such. For war and combat purposes. How many Asgardians are there anyway? At least a thousnad correct? The only real Asgardians that we know aside from Thor, Odin, Loki, Bor and Sif, are:

Yes, sadly unless they are a named Asgardian they are pretty much a starfleet red shirt. They use to be more formidable back when Asgard was shown to have some advanced tech, but now that Asgard is basically stuck in the dark ages and the average Asgardians has been reduced to spider-man level they are not that impressive. Back in Thomas's run it was stated Thor and Mjolnir are about half of Asgard's military strength (excluding Odin). Take away Thor and Odin and Asgard is much, much weaker. How they were expected to raze the Earth is beyond me.

As for the number, it depends largely on the story. In the past Asgard was shown to have perhapls a million inhabitents or more. Nowadays probable only 10,000.

    #Karnilla- Although she's back isn't she?
    #The Warriors Three
    #Amora/The Enchantress- Carlos's favorite and the reason that he reads comics in the first place:). Personally I like her as more of a Thor ally.
    #Loreli- I think that I'm spelling her name wrong. But she was Amora's sister.
    #Tyr- But he's dead.
    #The Wrecker and Wrecking Crew- I know that they're not true Asgardians, but they have Asgardian powers.

Most of these do not work in favor of Asgard. Karnilla is an enemy and only sides with Asgard if Balder is endanger or if it is in her interests. Same with Amora and Loreli. The Warriors Three are sometimes not shown to be that much above the regular Asgardian. They just happen to be better warriors. The Wrecking Crew do not count.

    I know that there are more that I'm overlooking, but for the most part, they seem to be the main ones, and all of the others are pretty much unknowns. I doubt that they're all that good in a fight also. Being as how most of them don't seem to have any real powers.

Sadly, that is true as well. Occassional a character like Kelda is introduced that seems to have some sort of power that would be of use. But then they are forgotten about and not shown. Hermod springs to mind. He is supposed to be Odin's son and incredibly fast yet is only occasionally referenced. Heimdall back in the Silver Age used to have a sword that could summon cosmic flames. Nowadays he typically is the first to fall during an assault.

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