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Subj: Re: Thor used to be the strongest superhero in the MU...
Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 at 01:21:02 am EST (Viewed 82 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thor used to be the strongest superhero in the MU...
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    Firstly, see reply above to Destroyer.

    Secondly, You try lifting something the way Thor did Hulk (without using your hands) and tell me that sheer power/strength has nothing to do with it (a ton is still heavy as hell regardless and add to the fact that no hands were involved...)

Its heavy to ordinary humans like you and I, not so much to people who at their lowest interpretations can lift 100 tons over their heads and regularly lift hundreds of thousands of tons in the comics themselves. But i will grant you that that is probably an overly literal interpretation of the scene.

    Thirdly, I read all the links you have posted in your reply and I again refer you to my reply to Destroyer.

I'm honestly not sure which one of the many you are referring to.

    From an unbiased POV, It looks like Hulk fans try to twist things with regard to what Stan said to save
    face since Hulk is essentially a "one trick pony" (Hercules also comes to mind in the "one trick" catagory).

I dont think so personally. That quote has been bandied about since i first went on the internet and read people talking about comics. Some Thor fan must have seized on it years ago and taken it as an indication that Thor was intended to be stronger than the Hulk. And most Hulk fans over the past ten years have kind of accepted that interpretation of what he said. But I think if you go back and look at what Stan actually said, and especially if you here some of his other thoughts about the same issue it becomes clear that thats not what he actually meant. Theres no twisting involved really.

As for Hulk being a "one trick pony", I suppose so but its a pretty good trick. Though I do think its hard to deny that Hulk has tons more up his sleeve than Hercules does for instance.

    I'm not "dogging" Hulk or his fans (I do like Hulk) but I will be damned if posters here are going to go all speculative and read their own interpretations into what was said by Stan and proslatize as if their word is HOLY WRIT. I am taking Stan's comment LITERALLY, AT FACE VALUE, as per HIS WORDS and not "reading" into them like Freud. My original post said "MEANT" to be stronger than Hulk, not "WAS" stronger.

I beg to differ because Stan clearly didnt literally say that Thor was meant to be stronger than the Hulk. He did literally say that he thought it would be fun to create someone "as powerful as, or perhaps even more powerful than, the Incredible Hulk".

    We all know that the characters "evolved" as they moved through different writers hands and what we have today is not what came in the sixties and that is O.K. as long as the writers produce QUALITY literature in an economy where money could be better spent (unfortunately this has been hit or miss depending on the writer in question).

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