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Subj: You are getting Seth and Seth mixed up. As for the rest...
Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 07:57:15 pm EST (Viewed 108 times)
Reply Subj: Did Anybody Read That Thor: Chaos War Mini Series? Who Was That Guy Who Thor Fought?And What About Atum?
Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 03:43:32 am EST (Viewed 135 times)

    I know that J.M Dematties wrote it, and he can be a very good (If repetitive.)and metaphysical writer. Did anybody like this one?

Honestly, it was one of the best things to come out of Chaos War. Thor has about the only major battle against a really powerful foe he has had since his return and it asked some of the hard questions baout godhood in the MU.

    Anyhow, Thor fought this one (New?) god, and from what I understand, he was a REAL powerhouse. He was supposed to have the power of multiple gods. Does anybody know his name, and or have any scans of some of his impressive feats? And do you think that we'll ever see him again?

It was called Glory and a new character. It was supposed to be the embodiment of 10,000 psychopathic war mongering gods and the only one to join Mikaboshi willingly. I doubt we will ever see it again.

    One last question, about Atum and Seth, why are they considered so threatening and powerful? Sets power comes from the Serpent Crown doesn't it? He just seems like a pretty well worn out snake. Thanks people.

As I pointed out upon the battle board Atum easily defeated a group of death gods including Seth, Mephisto and Hela. He defeated a group of sun and thunder gods including Thor with little damage as well. He was considered a major threat to all of Olympus including Zeus. He is the only being known to be capable of battling the Elder god Set on even terms and he is powerful enough that the reality-warping Chthon stayed away from Earth until Atum was killed. Thor needed Atum's power to stand a chance against Seth. So the reason Atum is considered that powerful is the vast majority of the time he has been portrayed as that powerful. He is the end of all gods on Earth. Sacred Invasion was just a very low showing for him as every character is prone to.

Set is an elder god who has amassed power over millions of years often by cannibalizing his fellow gods. He is stuck in his dimension, but were he ever to fully materialize on Earth it is pretty much game over even if you got every hero on Earth to try and stop him. The Serpent Crown is an object he uses to grant power, but he does not receive power from it. He uses the crown to control others to try and manipulate events to allow him to leave his dimension.

There is also a difference between SET and SETH. SET is the Elder god who takes the form of a snake. SETH is the Egyptian god of death and much younger and less powerful than Set. At one point in the past he usurped worship of Set by playing off the similarities of names and sometimes takes the form of a giant snake. However, the two are completely different characters.

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