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    Thor, being half Earth-god, should not be eating an apple to keep his immortality like a typical asgardian. This is the thing that always have me scratching my head. Thor is a hybrid god, but his whole physiology is all asgardian. The only difference between him and his countrymen is that he is so much stronger, that's it! He has same durability, same anti-Earthly disease, and many others. So what gives?? The same attribute...3x denser than normal humans, but an average asgardian is easily killed by gunfire and other concussive explosive? I want Marvel to fix this in their (pretty lame) Marvel Universe handbook when it comes to Thor and other Asgardians.

Thor is more durable than standard Asgardians. This is clear in the comics from what he can take vs them IMO.

    Give Thor his due! Give him half of his mothers powers like he suppose to have! I have to tell you, Thor is powerful, but he's pretty "weak" compare to other children of super beings. Example: The children of Reed and Sue, Franklin and daughter (what's her name?), she's insanely smart and we know Franklin is probably near omni-potent! Hulk's son, Skarr, he has most of the Hulk's strength, but has practically his mother's "old power" that has him drawing power from the Earth itself (Gaea should have something to say about this). Now Thor, son of Gaea and Odin, he's pretty powerful, but he should be way way much more. He's the son of elder gods! It does not give Thor justice for what he should possess! Skarr is probably able to hold his own against Thor. Franklin, heh...we know he still possess his powers. He's hiding it from his parents, but he's insanely powerful! and the daughter...she's so smart, she can probably come up with something easily to defeat Thor.

    So tell me all, don't you think Marvel should give Thor is due? I think so.


To a point sure but I think I would avoid giving him to much. Simply because he starts becoming another character.

I KNOW Thor is more DURABLE, but Marvel in their wisdom always has his physiology the same as any asgardian. I want Marvel to correct it!

Marvel needs to UPDATE their "handbook" so any Joe-Schmoe that wants to read up on the character can know the difference from Thor and an ordinary asgardian, because in all of their bio and abilities, Thor and cannon fodder asgardian has the same 3x density and other attributes.

IMO, Marvels little handbook is almost a joke in certain ways, because a lot of their breakdown do not relate to the characters at all in the comics. You think Marvel send out these handbooks to writers when assigned to write a series?? "Please follow the bio that's written for the characters." Yeah right!

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