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Subj: Stan/Kirby/Walt did the best Thor, but here's what I got to say about these...
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Reply Subj: Okay Its Time to Grade the Thor Scribes from the Past 10 years Starting with Jurgen to Fraction
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Forgive me if I miss anyone. Who is the best to worst of the Thor scrbes?

We have the following:

Dan Jurgens

Mike Oeming


Keiron Gillen


Matt Fraction

Which one of the guys have brought the most glory to The Thunder God? Please give your reasons for your ranking/

...other writers. Starting with Best to Last:

1) Oeming - For his little time on cleaning up Jurgen's run, he gave us fans the Thor we always wanted. His Thor was totally the greatest portrayal out of all of these creators! We always wanted Thor to show off his hand to hand combat, Oeming gave us that, with Durok too! We wanted Thor to evolve and become something more than just a brute with a hammer. He did and gave us a Thor with wisdom and maturity! We wanted a Thor story with insane battles and great stories. He gave us that too! His half a dozen issue run gave me a "Lord of the Ring" type feel that I will never forget. His Thor run stands above everyone else from these writers. And an ending?? If Fraction IS the worst Act 3 writer, than Oeming is the total opposite with his arc.

2) JMS - When he brought back Thor, Thor came back with authority! JMS finally told everyone that Thor is a "GOD" and why not bulletproof?? He went ahead and gave us that! Thor told Iron man that he's a different Thor and will not hold back if anyone wanted to f*** with him! With panels of Thor not holding back and releasing hell on Earth if anyone got in his way! Loved it! Then, he has Thor recalls his heritage of his mother and let loose some of it. I wish there was more power display of his mother's side, but I'm just glad JMS put that in a story. JMS' stories started to wane a little, but I jut thought that he brought back a Thor with more of an attitude and seriousness. It's too bad he took so long to get the stories out.

3)Dan Jurgens - He had a great plan and wanted to tell his Thor stories. Some of it didn't hold up, and some did. I loved the Thanos and Mangog story arc. Pissed me off that they said this wasn't the real Thanos, but what a great display of Thor tearing into Mangog with a hammer blast in his mouth! It wasn't until the Reigning that made me feel that Thor was going to go downhill. It could have been so good, but Jurgen dragged it for so long, it became a yawner, and the sales just dropped as fast the Luckily Oeming came in and saved it. Still, Jurgens ranks 3rd for me because he gave us almost 90 issues of Thor that was 65% pretty good.

4) Keiron Gillen - mostly came in as a filler for JMS, but I thought he did a great job of it. His stories were strong and he crafted great and readable tales. The only reason he's 4th is because his Thor didn't stood out for me. The previous writers above made Thor their THOR. You can identify Thor to the way those other writers wrote him. While Gillen's Thor is just a continuation of JMS. But yes, I would love to see Gillen get a chance to take Thor on as a regular.

5) Rodi - I know he wasn't a regular scribed on Thor, but he did enough of Thor in mini-series that he has to be added. His best run for me was his Loki mini. I know it wasn't Thor, but I just thought it was a good story with great art. His other minis, Thor: The Deviant saga is ongoing, but so far, his portrayal of Thor getting his ass handed to him not once, but twice, without giving the villain a sweat, is beyond me! I'm just hoping that we see Thor come back like gangbusters at the end, but right now, it's just not cutting it. And the other one, Astonishing Thor, against Ego. That story could have been so much better, but it was just so so. The worst one was Thor: for Asgard. Oh man, the art was nice to look at, but storytelling was all over the place and I didn't know at times what the hell was going on! It was very bad execution for this book. Bad.

6) Abnett and Lanning - mini on Thor and Iron man. It looked promising, but the ending was pretty much anti-climatic. Also, Thor wasn't portrayed like how he should have been. The story was pretty weak. Ulik knocked out Thor like he was an asgardian cannon fodder. I wish the writers can be more consistent with Thor, and Abnett and Lanning didn't do it either.

7) Matt Fraction - IS the biggest disappointment of all the Thor writers! He is SUPPOSE to be one of the Marvel's elite writers! An "Architect" of the Staff! His minis gave us a Thor that was brutish and totally out of character. I didn't mind it because it was based off a Thor from a different time and place. Then he came on the regular series and gave us the Worldeater arc. That was not a good impression on where he was heading with Thor. Fraction made Thor bring back Loki. Loki, who was responsible for so many asgardian deaths! I never understand why a writer would do this. Loki should have been held for treason and sentenced to death if Sentry hadn't "killed" him. Thor brings back Odin. I didn't mind Odin coming back, but you have to give a way better reason than to fight the Worldeaters. And Fraction continues to have Thor and Odin disrespect each other like they've been hating each other since the dawn of time! To cap it off, Fraction starts a new Thor title and give us a Thor that doesn't take crap from anyone. I actually liked this Thor, but the story and premise was probably the worst than any story that lead us to believe it was going to be one of the best! Thor vs. Surfer! Odin vs. Galactus! Instead, the worst ending in any major title ever! Fraction totally ranks last on writing Thor and probably last in many other titles.

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