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    Forgive me if I miss anyone. Who is the best to worst of the Thor scrbes?

    We have the following:

    Dan Jurgens

    Mike Oeming


    Keiron Gillen


    Matt Fraction

    Which one of the guys have brought the most glory to The Thunder God? Please give your reasons for your ranking/

Rodi has never written the main title in that time, so I'm DQing him. Main book only.

10/10 - Kieron Gillen. I've said it many a time, Kieron Gillen is the second coming of Walt Simonson. He has a profound grasp on Norse mythology and the language of the Asgardians; he writes the perfect update of the "thee and thou" the Asgardians used to use. I would love to see Gillen able to write Thor at his own direction instead of picking up the pieces others leave him.

9/10 - Mike Oeming - Oeming's Ragnarok was awesome, but I can't give him the top mark since he didn't have to worry about leaving the toys in the sandbox for the next kid, so to speak. He was able to effect real change because the book was being canceled.

8/10 - JMS - I would've given JMS a 10/10 except the delays were absolutely brutal. Some people bemoan a lack of action, and while there wasn't a slobberknocker every issue there was plenty of fights. More importantly, JMS was crafting a story over time, but you could actually enjoy the stories on an individual or almost individual basis. I would've loved to see JMS stick around longer if he could've got the book out on time.

6/10 - Dan Jurgens - I think I'm the opposite of a lot of Thor fans; I didn't care for Jurgens earlier run on the title, but absolutely loved his "King Thor/The Reigning" era. It explored the character in a whole new way and I think it was a bold direction to take. His dialogue improved from the earlier issues (where I thought his Thor dialogue was atrocious, "Who be you?", really?).

1/10 - Matt Fraction - Fraction has driven me from a character that I love, and it takes a lot to bump me off a character I'm this invested in. He has had some good premises (eg. The World Eaters), but the execution is horrendous. I can hardly bring myself to read the dialogue; Thor goes from a common brute to using 10 syllable words within a single panel sometimes. He has no respect for the stories told before him in the relaunch, I could actually believe he hasn't read them. When Fraction is gone I will come back to Thor, and maybe someday I'll get the issues of his I don't have in the $1 bin. Coipel was the only reason I even picked up his second Thor arc.


I love Fraction! You just don't know what to expect. He definitely not even close to being the best Thor writer but it's been fun so far.
He's come up with new ideas on Thor that make me want to see where he's going with it. Yes, he needs to learn from Simonson how to end a story.
As far as Thor being brutish, read Norse mythology, he is! Although I enjoyed the "Shakespeare" speaking Thor, he is supposed to be the deity of the common man not poets.
I have enjoyed seeing Thor "beat" Galactus again and fight the Surfer (someone in his own league). I have been so thrilled to see Karnilla again and Ulik. And who can't say they didn't shout "finally" when Thor knocked out NUL/Hulk. I didn't think it was a good idea to brink back Loki but you have to admit Journey Into Mystery is a great comic that is actually better that Mighty Thor and many other comics out there. Without Fraction bringing him back it wouldn't be possible to have such a great comic. Sure there's plenty of continuity and logic problems but this is fiction. And I also enjoy reading this site now because people are quick to point out negatives faster than they are on positives which means I get spoilers (which I love) before an issue comes out.
As far as you dropping Thor I say good. You should buy only what you like. I bought very few post Simonson/pre Jurgens Thor and the latter part of Jurgen's run. You and many Thor fans not buying will force Fraction to improve or for Marvel to cancel the title. But since Thor is such a great character his comic will always be brought back if it's ever cancelled. I think if Fraction has Odin fight Galactus again we'll all get our money's worth.

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