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Subj: Re: Do you want ancient or modern examples?
Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 11:24:26 pm CST (Viewed 9 times)
Reply Subj: Do you want ancient or modern examples?
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    You may be right but I don't recall any incident in which mortal Hercules was able to defeat Ares.  Mortal Hercules had some level of invulnerability but it was no where near that of Immortal Hercules or Ares.  Mortal Hercules had great stamina but it was no where near that of immortal Hercules or Ares.  Mortal Hercules is stronger than Ares but he can not take the punishment that Ares can.  In a prolong fight mortal Hercules would die. 

In ancient times Ares and his son Kyknos fought Hercules.  Athena came to his aid and delayed Kyknos long enough for Hercules to wound Ares in the thigh forcing him to withdraw.  This myth was confirmed as being true in Incredible Hercules.  In modern times a mortal Hercules came up against Ares in the mini Hercules: Agents of Chaos.  Despite remarking throughout how his mortality at the very least had decreased his stamina Ares ran away from Herc the entire time and when forced into a direct confrontation lost after a short fight.  Adding further  disgrace Ares was armed with a sword against unarmed Hercules. 

It is true that Ares as a god has greater stamina and a healing factor, but those are benefits any god would have.  Physically, Herc has always been at least equal to to Ares if not greater.  Prolonged battles still favor Herc because Ares' healing factor is slow enough to not necessarily matter.

    Before Pak's story, there was a story when Zeus stripped Hercules of his god hood.  Hercules was part of the Avengers and a solo character at that time.  As a mortal Hercules was still a powerful brick but his overall power was below that of Ares.  Pak tend to butt kiss the character he is writing.  If Pak wrote Squire Girl she would kick Silver Surfer's butt.  \:\)

I would disagree with Herc's power being below that of Ares.  Wolverine has a powerful healing factor, but I think most people would agree he is not as powerful as Herc.  When discussing power most people think of offensive/defensive abilities.  Herc's strength is usually shown as great enough to counter whatever other powers Ares may have. 

To sum up, the irony is that Hercules despite his mortal parentage is as a mortal nearly equal to Ares and as a god is far greater.  The advantages Ares has are more general advantages any god would have.  Many of the War God's major siblings are just as powerful if not more so despite being born from "lesser" mothers than Hera.  Whether Zeus is separating the divine half from the mortal or just granting Hercules godhood to get rid of the mortal half at the end of the day Hercules is just much more powerful than Ares.  The mingling of the divine and mortal creates something weaker than what it would be if it were a pure god. 

Those example do not show that Hercules is more powerful then Ares but that he is the better fighter.  A power person can lost to in a fight to some one less powerful.  Captain America is less powerful then most lower tier Bricks such as D-man; however, Cap will beat D-man more often than not. 

Again, I stand by what I say that Ares is more powerful then Hercules.  I do agree that Mortal Hercules is at least as physically strong as Ares and I accept your example of hims winning but he is still not as powerful as Ares.  Those example shows that Ares is often depicted as a wuss despite his power.  I am not saying that the mingling of mortal and god can produce someone with more power then a pure god.  However, I most case that is not so and Hercules is not more powerful than Ares.  He is the better fighter and the greater hero but does not have more power.  Let put it this way.  If  Ares was a "champions character" he would cost way more point to make then mortal hercules. 

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