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    Forgive me if I miss anyone. Who is the best to worst of the Thor scrbes?

    We have the following:

    Dan Jurgens

    Mike Oeming


    Keiron Gillen


    Matt Fraction

    Which one of the guys have brought the most glory to The Thunder God? Please give your reasons for your ranking/

1. Oeming: Not that fair to have him hear but like others said he had one of the best Thor stories that I have ever read. It had Thor in his truest form doing the stuff that many always want to see him do. And had a fitting end for the character. I only wish he had more of a run with the character. I think that was a mistake on Marvels part, trading to JMS more for the name and to get folks to buy that. As I think quality would have been better with him at the helm although it likely would not have sold as much.

2. Gillen: Journey Into Mystery is one of the reasons I still bother with comics. Great stories. His brief work with Thor at various periods often had him making sense of other writters plot holes or threads that were just in the breeze. He turned them into compelling stories. I think that takes talent when the things you are working with are not of your design. He deserves alot of credit and should also be the writter on the main Thor title. Another guy who can tell a great story about gods and set the tone excellently.

3. Jurgens: I like the guy, I am not sure why there is so much seeming bad blood against him. He wrote Thor for nearly a hundred issues and had some great stories. How many other writters wrote the god of thunder for that long. He has some classic interesting stories under his belt and for that matter knew how to have good fights in his books. A good writter who I am more than happy to give his due. Although with so many books it is easier to have some lesser stories slip in too.

4. JMS: I never had anything against his stories. I liked that Thor seemed more mature in this book but it never seemed to go anywhere. JMS left before he really finished his story leaving Gillen to make sense of it. Some really good moments, he brought Thor back in a big way and rekindled interest. He deserves his due. That said I think the delays really hurt his cause. Books came out every three or four months. If he had kept closer to schedule I think his run would have been something special.

5. Rodi: I am just very blah on him in general. Did not feel like it was Marvels Thor to me.

6. Fraction: So far he is really dissapointing. He knows how to set the stage for a big story. He even is pretty good at building an event up but when it comes time for a pay off or a fight he falls flat. And resolutions are contrived and forced out of left field. The World Eathers was not good at all. The Galactus seed started good and had one of the most dissapointin resolutions in comics history. Fear Itself had potential that was totally lost. His resolutions bordered on deux ex machina to things that required complete spontaneous changes in a characters mind for no reason. And this makes no sense to me considering the decompressed style he tells stories in. A five or six book story arc has more than enough room to do darn near anything in but his work always feels like it is very padded and very rushed at the same time. Like he was trying to make it longer than it needed to be and realized to close to the end that he had plot points to tie up.

That is my opinion. In regards to more recent scribes with long runs I think Jurgen has to go high on the list, probably number one. Like I said Oeming went out on about as high a note as is possible and followed up with a good mini in Stormbreaker. Gillen also has done a good job and I am glad he is still on JIM as he seems to be able to take the lemons given to him by Fraction and turn them into lemonade. Making kid loki an interesting character while very much acknowledging the characters past.

Yeah I'm with you regarding Jurgens. The Reigning went on way too long but honestly his first 40 issues were magic. He gave us The Dark Gods, The Enchanters, The Destroyer, The Thanos/Mangog classic and the great fight with Gladiator. Jurgens also knew how to write fights even if Thor alway lost in the first round and won the second. The fights were still alway well done. I fondly remember his work on Thor (Reigning aside)

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