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Being the son of (Gaea), I believe that (Thor) should posses the following power sets that should not come from "Mjolnr".

Gaea's Powers

Gaea (by anaRasha).jpg

Gaea possesses great mystical powers of an undefined nature. Gaea can use any number of natural or magical effects as they pertain to the Earth itself.

(This should be Mjolnirs department)

Spiritual Energy Absorption: She can draw on the spiritual energies of all of Earth’s living beings since all of these beings share part of her life essence.
(None of this for Thor)

Nature Control: She can command the forces of nature on Earth, such as storms and volcanic activity.
(Thor should have this power without the use of his hammer, lightning should always be at his command.)

Earth Bond: Although Gaea’s powers may seem similar to many of those of the living planet, Ego, Gaea and Ego are actually two very different kinds of beings. Ego is a planet that has acquired sentience, whereas Gaea is a goddess who has infused her life essence into the living beings of her planet.
(IMHO, when he's on earth "Thor" should be able to draw strength b/c his mother's life essence is fused with the planet, and this should be only done on rare occasions when the planet is under attack from powerful beings!)

Curative Healing: Gaea is known to have great powers to heal injured living beings and to cause living beings to grow.
(This is basically having a strong healing factor, so I would say yes to this and since his mother is immortal I honestly don't see why he shouldn't be also!)

Telekinesis: She has considerable telekinetic power and can even levitate Thor’s hammer, which few beings can lift through non-mechanical means.
(To some degree he should have this power, but not on a level like "Jean Grey".)

Mystic Patron: Gaea can also bestow mystical power upon sorcerers who know how to call upon her for it.
(None of this for him, until he becomes a skyfather again)

Creative Force: Gaea is the embodiment of the spirit of life, growth, harvest, and renewal on Earth.

(None of this for him, until he becomes a skyfather again)

I'm in the school that doesn't like to see Thor's hammer reduced to a big uru batarang so I'm always going to inherently be against the idea of giving Thor powers that Mjolnir already has and grant. However, what I would change, is that Mjolnir would be Thor's birthright and his alone. No weird and ambiguous clause about who can or not lift it. Only Thor can for real.

Another reason why I wouldn't give Thor any new inherent powers or less limitations over them is because the crushing majority of his opponents or "rivals" at Marvel would suffer from it unless they too get upgrades. If Thor get beaten it's not a problem of him not being powerful enough already, it's a problem of scenario.

Finally, I'd make it extremely clear what the character can and can't do. No more plot device powers that comes out of nowhere only to never appear again. This is something I'd do with all characters who suffer from this.

Thor is already a superior asgardian because of his birthright. He isn't a class-30 character that I know of so there is no need to emphasize even more the ridiculously obvious superiority Thor already has over the other gods save Odin.

But that's me...

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