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Forgive me if I miss anyone. Who is the best to worst of the Thor scrbes?

We have the following:

Dan Jurgens

Mike Oeming


Keiron Gillen


Matt Fraction

Which one of the guys have brought the most glory to The Thunder God? Please give your reasons for your ranking/

First, this is not as easy as it might seem. I know it is fashionable to bash the hell out of Fraction right now, but it seems to me just two short years ago the bulk of this board was opining the absolute horrific nature of the decompressed storytelling combined with the unforgivable timeline with wich the book was released. When Jurgens introduced the Dark Gods, the board almost universally cried foul as a pantheon that powerful would never have stayed hidden for so long. Oeming was great and yet he had perhaps the easiest job of all, take 6 issues and end it.
Fraction pumped out "Conan" Thor one shots while we all cried about JMS's delinquency, and because of the immense action in the books, many here (including myself) were begging for Fraction to be handed the reigns. I think I even remember making a post warning about the inevitable "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it."

As I peruse the rankings, I find it amazing that Jurgens and JMS are routinely given such high marks for their writing.

I sat down and did the following. I read issues 1-12 of the Jurgens, 1-12 of JMS, and 1-12 of Fraction. I read the 6 Oeming issues, and I read the Gillen Issues of Thor. Yes, he has JIM right now, but that is not Thor. Rodi - Miniseries are nice, but they are not the main title, are we also going to include every writer that used Thor in a crossover or a team-up/Avengers over the last decade? No. So he's out.

My all so perfect rating.

#6 - Rodi. Never wrote the main book. Mini-series were solid, but was basically given free reign to write his own self-contained stories.

#5 - Oeming. Before you go running off screaming BLASPHEMER!!!! Hear me out. If I were to select any 6 issues of the past decade, this ending would definitely be in my radar of books to collect, but in the grand scheme of Thor, almost all of it has been undone, so in the grand scheme of things, cool but basically pointless story. What from the Oeming run is still with us today?

#4 - Gillen. Once again, he was brought in, like Oeming, to play clean up. he got the book and handed it off. His work on JIM and tying to the main Thor series is the only reason he is ahead of Oeming.

#3 - JMS. Even after re-reading his entire run, I found it exceptionally decompressed. Gone was the Thor of Jurgens run, and even Oemings wonderful ending, we are given a brooding, ploding, reactionary Thor with "some" "all" "a portion" of the Odin Power, and none of his Rune ability that he had so valiantly sacrificed for. As the Book proceded, he somehow reverts to "classic" Thor levels, and aside from the battle with Bor, which felt horrifically contrived to give action to the book, it does really nothing. Oh yea, and the issues of the Monthly title came out quarterly if we were lucky. Oh yea, and he was given complete autonomy from the rest of the universe to tell his story which after 3 years still hadn't resolved any of the issues left behind by Jurgens. If any of the previous 3 authors had written at least 1 year of Thor, I would rank them ahead of JMS. For the added amount of time he gave to the stories to produce "quality" he ended up with drivel.

#2 - Fraction. Characterization, poor. Once again, new writer, new characterization of Thor. Thor has always worked best when portrayed as a "responsible" version of Herc. All other versions really become too...bogged down. Story, Great ideas, solid beginnings, too much "what just happened" endings. His runs have also suffered from Marvels current delusional crossover extravaganza. His work in Iron Man has suffered equally through this time. He brought a Thor Centric crossover to the Marvel U for the Movie, and we now have, once again recycled the death and "rebirth" of Thor. (my only question is that since Thor died, is that stupid JMS bond with Mjolnir now done as well?)

#1 - Jurgens. Dark Gods, Thanos, Death of Odin (3rd? 4th?), Desak, Thor rules Asard, and then Earth...Damn bold. Unfortunately, his run ended because he had to use a Fraction like Dues Ex Machina (time travel) to end his run. Ok, he also gave us Tarene...Thor Girl, wow really? what drugs was he smokin'?

Unfortunately, as I sit here writing this I really find myself opining for the cheesy 90's Marvel. I miss Defalco...

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