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Subj: Re: I didn't get past your Hulk write up
Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 at 02:07:14 pm EST (Viewed 108 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I didn't get past your Hulk write up
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    Powers: Possesses the potential for near limitless levels of physical strength, depending directly on his emotional state, particularly his anger. He is also extremely resistant to physical damage, psychic assaults, temperature extremes, and is completely immune to disease and poisons.

    "completely immune.." I don't think so..

Slight overstatement. A poison specially engineered can be effective, but he's pretty much immune to everything from the common cold to AIDS.



      He can breathe underwater,

    What? Through his gills? How?

Back in the '70s, the Hulk was shown speaking underwater. In one of those occasions, his opponent remarked how that should have been impossible so at least in that instance it was intentional. When PAD returned for his short second run, he also had the Hulk breathing underwater and provided this for an explanation:


      survive unprotected in space,

    This simply isn't true. He has a limited air supply, as in holding his breath, so I'd definitely add a few stipulations here, otherwise you might as well add all these 'powers" to Herc as well. I'm afraid Hulk has been depicted as basically being in trouble when in space too many times for this to be considered a power or ability.

Like above, Hulk was sometimes shown being able to survive and even speak in space without aid. From the writer immediately following PAD's second run and just prior to Pak's start:


      and when injured, heals from almost any wound within seconds.

    I'd also clarify this, as it makes him sound nearly totally invulnerable, which he isn't.

What's wrong with the description? He can heal from almost any wound in seconds. May take him a few minutes to recover from something catastrophic like being disemboweled or something, but most couldn't even survive that much less recover in short order.

    Outside a couple of fanboy-written stories I'd also say this is nonsense. How can a being project enough force from the ground to do this? Have there been episodes of him leaping from one continent to another? Really?

By being incredibly strong, of course. Hulk's leaped into near orbit once and has been known to leap hundreds of miles. A vertical leap would require much greater force obviously, but he's only attempted it the one time that I recall and he eventually managed to get into near orbit.


      His durability, healing, endurance, and possibly speed, likewise increase in relation to his adrenaline levels. As Bruce Banner, he is considered one of the greatest minds on Earth. He is the foremost expert on Gamma Radiation and has developed expertise in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physiology, and has a PhD in Nuclear Physics.

    This write up is so preposterously Hulk-centric that I didn't go any further I'm afraid.

The only thing in that last quoted text that I'd contest is speed, which is qualified as "Possibly." I wouldn't say the Hulk's speed increases in the same context as his strength though he'd certainly have a similar boost that anyone else would have in times of stress.

Banner is definitely considered one of the most brilliant minds on Earth and has shown a wide range of knowledge.

Hey, John thanks for the defend post, you actually beat me to the punch. Now to go a step further. I'm sorry you couldn't read the blog Vidar because of what I wrote as the Hulk's powers. Just know that I put down everything that the Hulk has been shown to do. Whether a writer will discredit that ability in another story is fine with me but it doesn't change the fact that the Hulk (or any other character for that matter) did it.

Too bad you didn't read Hercules's powers and stuff because I think I did him justice as well.

I love all the characters and fights that I do write ups on (check them all out on my blog). So I honor them by always basing it on the truth, there is no other way. And doing that surprises a lot of people, especially fanboys. I'm also friends with a lot of creators in the industry that if I can't answer a question or if there is a big debate on something, I go to them for the answers.

I love Hercules and I love his fights with the Hulk so I would never discredit any story that has been shown. When I do a write up, it's all about writing with your head and not your heart.

Give the blog a chance and maybe you'll enjoy it. Then I would love to know what you truly think:)

Check out all other fights and fun stories here:

Feel free to leave a comment on the blog site, good or bad, I love it all.
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