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Subj: Re: The Problem Marvel has with Thor
Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 at 09:46:08 am EST (Viewed 145 times)
Reply Subj: The Problem Marvel has with Thor
Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 at 12:02:16 am EST (Viewed 441 times)

    Is this, they really don't have anyone who can truly stand up to him in terms of pure strength or even just raw power without them augmenting said opponent and thus reneging on what was previously cannonized.

I don't know how anyone can say that by looking at the last 30 years of comics. The number of character who can and have stand up to Thor without any plot devices are numerous. What you call "cannon" isn't some stone tablet upon which laws are written. There is fluidity.

    For instance, its a known fact that Loki had to augment The Silver Surfer to bring him even close to Thor's abilities, but Marvel now attempts to try and make it look like The Surfer is actually greater in terms of power than Thor.

Talk about living in the past. Yes, that is true, Surfer once was a far cry from what he became relatively speaking. The problem is, comics are by nature always in evolution. That it is "official", natural, or implicit, changes happens all the time. It's painfully clear surfer's place relative to Thor has evolved. Time did it's job.

    This is strictly the writers who chose to change what has already been established to fit their own will(and its also why Wolverine has like 13 origins). The easiest thing for Marvel to do would be to remember why Thor was originally created by Stan Lee,.. To be stronger than the hulk. Period. Point Blank. End of story. One day they'll get it right again.

It's also strictly the reader who chose to refuse the changes that were made over time. That too is a problem. Sure I think it's a big problem to have 13 origins and almost no continuity whatsoever. They should pick an origin and go with it for as long as they can and build upon what the previous writer did instead of retconing all they want all the time. That being said, asking for no change in origin ever is unreasonable. Characters need them from time to time whether officially, naturally or implicitly. It's not because there was no Crisis on infinite earth that changes for Thor, or other characters around Thor, aren't valid. The habit of calling something "right" because we like it more is typical among comic book fans. Some times what we like also make short work of continuity or no longer make any sense in the evolved version of the world the character now live in.

As for Thor being stronger than Hulk period, I think it's the worst possible thing to do ever considering the rivalry that has evolved out of their years of interaction. Stan-Lee most likely didn't anticipate how things would go, and I bet that if he knew how great the Thor/Hulk rivalry would have become he would have encourage it not kill it like you so desperately seem to want it. Doubly so since it's all Hulk has to play with figuratively speaking. Anyway, today, I don't think making Thor better than everybody under abstracts could be called "right". Even moreso if you happen to think one of the charm of Marvel use to be the lack of a clear top guy.

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