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    I have news for you, Gods of The Marvel Universe are Abstract Beings themselves. They don't exist in the same space/time continuinty that the normal humans exist in. Bottom Line, Thor is a God. I don't care how  much the silver surfer or anyone else "evolves" they are still below the threshold of a God. That was the whole reason why Galactus wanted The World Seed. Galactus as powerful as he is, he is not a God. When the current Universe ends, he will cease to exist. The Gods on the other hand, they will be reborn because they know they have existed many times prior.  I mean cannon means that it has happended and been established. Your argument is laughable and futile.Go back to watching br

Uh, no. Just no. Not living in the same dimension doesn't make someone an "abstract". Thor isn't the humanoid manifestation of thunder in the universe entire. He is but one fleshy being throwing lightnings that came to be known as "the god of Thunder". That's HUGELY different. Japan mythos has a thunder god that is not Thor, Greeks has too as well as many other religions.  So who is the real abstract of thunder? One thing is certain, as awesome as he is, it's not Thor.

In Marvel, Thor is a dimensional alien that came to be known as a "god" from the POV of us puny mortals without any powers, knowledge or whatever else. His prowess and capabilities far surpassing the mortals of old made it so he was attributed many virtues explaining what people couldn't understand otherwise. Today the difference between him and someone like the silver surfer is quite hard to pin down. Specially if you speak about power. As far as Marvel goes, it's clear they have long decided Galactus is more than any god of Odin and Thor's kind. Does your "reborn" excuse also apply to the Celestials? Or am I in need to retcon them too to fit your POV? Don't tell me you see Celestials as inferior to gods...

As for my argument being laughable, at least I have one that has legs to stand on as oppose to something resting entirely on a small and fragile moment in time and space. BTW, you can keep the tone down. You are needlessly abrasive.

Watcher,Asgard is in a different dimension, so its not in the same dimension as earth. As far as Galactus goes, I've argued this many times before. Galactus and all the other cosmic beings were beneath The Gods until a shift about 1980. But all I have to say is this, God's don't have to evolve, they're already Gods. And as far as The Celestials, powerful they may be they can still be killed. So go break your little piggy bank open and go re-stock up on some comic books.

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