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    Watcher,Asgard is in a different dimension, so its not in the same dimension as earth. As far as Galactus goes, I've argued this many times before. Galactus and all the other cosmic beings were beneath The Gods until a shift about 1980. But all I have to say is this, God's don't have to evolve, they're already Gods. And as far as The Celestials, powerful they may be they can still be killed. So go break your little piggy bank open and go re-stock up on some comic books.

I know Asgard is in another dimension, it's why I said being from another dimension doesn't make someone an "abstract". Earth is also another dimension from the POV of Asgardians. Are Earthers "abstract" from an Asgardian POV? Of course not. The problem is you take the label "god" a tad too literally. 

Gods, at least in Marvel, can definitely evolve. The proof of that is Thor himself gaining the Odin power and then the runes and even breaking the cycle of Ragnarok. There is always something toward which to evolve. One's god is another one's ant. Also, Celestials are clearly WAY above gods like Thor going by the same comics you suggest I go read. There is absolutely no doubt or comparison possible. If I'm to believe you Hulk got nothing on Balder since he's a god!!! I got some news for you, it ain't so.

You know what, I'm glad you said that part about Balder, because that's exactly the problem. The Hulk should have nothing on Balder or any God for that matter. The Gods are meant to be above all except the One Above All because they are basically the essence of what was left over from when he created the universe. So yes, The Gods are supposed to be above even The Celestials. I mean, lets get this straight, Odin has to cower from a Celestial but The Invisible Woman she can hurt them? I mean come on, Odin once merged the population of an entire galaxy into a single sentient being. That's why I say the writers have gotten out of control. I actually like what Fraction has done. He is restoring The Gods to their rightful place. I mean, he is actually looking at like, the beings we call Gods, are meant to be higher than most other beings. That's why I enjoyed seeing Galactus and Odin going at it. Now could it have been better scripted? Yes, but it showed that Odin was more than a match for Galactus.  And when Thor had the Odin Force he didn't evolve, he simply understood what the full extent of his power was more than his Father. Remember, Thor's mother is an Elder God, which makes her higher in power than Odin himself.

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