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Subj: Re: I find this criticism to be really really one sided...
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Reply Subj: I find this criticism to be really really one sided...
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    Is this, they really don't have anyone who can truly stand up to him in terms of pure strength or even just raw power without them augmenting said opponent and thus reneging on what was previously cannonized. For instance, its a known fact that Loki had to augment The Silver Surfer to bring him even close to Thor's abilities, but Marvel now attempts to try and make it look like The Surfer is actually greater in terms of power than Thor. This is strictly the writers who chose to change what has already been established to fit their own will(and its also why Wolverine has like 13 origins). The easiest thing for Marvel to do would be to remember why Thor was originally created by Stan Lee,.. To be stronger than the hulk. Period. Point Blank. End of story. One day they'll get it right again.

if you would argue that Marvel does not have Thor getting clear victories often against big guns anymore than you may have something. If you say Fraction is not doing him justice or that the character has lost granduer overall than sure. I think a case can be made for any of these.

That said you are going way way back to one point of view, and would have to ignore everything that has happened since that point to make the case stick even in the smallest way. And much of the time it was not for hatred of Thor. Lee and others saw that Hulk and Thor became fan favorite rivals and had them be as such.

Surfer initially was not physically that powerful at all, not even being as strong as the Thing, but over time gained and became a star spawned powerhouse. This sort of coincided with the rise of Galactus to match his stature. Defacto for instance has said that Surfer is more powerful and that Thor would likely win a fight because Surfer is passive and Thor a warrior born. Which I do not have issues with so long as they are near one another.

You are basing all of your opinions on perceptions from Thor's introduction only and not much after that. In other words you are saying that everything Marvel has done with the character is crap save for the uber showings through the years. Simonson did not have Thor as being able to beat anyone easily.

I am not sure what the fetish is with some Thor and Hulk fans in general that they need their horse to be able to beat everyone and easily. I am for Thor being among the most powerful conventional heroes at Marvel. And that he should have a shot against some of the toughest out there without question. That does not mean that all of Marvel has to live with him being in a good mood or he kills them easily. There are beings that can challenge him and best him. There are not loads who can do it alone but they are there.

Continuity is fluid. And things change over time. I think one could argue that Thor should be a top player, and he is, but to think he is some end all hero to me loses the point of the character.

bd2999, you're kind of on the path that I'm taking. What I'm saying is this, Thor isn't the type of character that should struggle with all the nominal beings that seem to popup and attack him. For instance as has been brought up before, Quicksand can give him a run for his money. How is this possible? Thor should be able to easily mop the floor with the broad and not even notice she was there.

And as far as the evolving aspect that others are saying, if lesser are beings are evolving to become Godlike, then that means that they were never up to the level of The Gods to begin with. I mean, do you see the point I'm making?

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