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Subj: Just out of curiosity have you read a comic in the MU?
Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 at 05:27:38 pm EST (Viewed 109 times)
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    You know what, I'm glad you said that part about Balder, because that's exactly the problem. The Hulk should have nothing on Balder or any God for that matter. The Gods are meant to be above all except the One Above All because they are basically the essence of what was left over from when he created the universe. So yes, The Gods are supposed to be above even The Celestials. I mean, lets get this straight, Odin has to cower from a Celestial but The Invisible Woman she can hurt them? I mean come on, Odin once merged the population of an entire galaxy into a single sentient being. That's why I say the writers have gotten out of control. I actually like what Fraction has done. He is restoring The Gods to their rightful place. I mean, he is actually looking at like, the beings we call Gods, are meant to be higher than most other beings. That's why I enjoyed seeing Galactus and Odin going at it. Now could it have been better scripted? Yes, but it showed that Odin was more than a match for Galactus.  And when Thor had the Odin Force he didn't evolve, he simply understood what the full extent of his power was more than his Father. Remember, Thor's mother is an Elder God, which makes her higher in power than Odin himself.

I ask this because all of what you say is nearly all opinion. And even opinion based on anything that did happen is wrong in interprutation of the event.

The gods are gods because they are worshipped. In addition, and probably more important, is their mystical nature and being from an other dimension. There are gods for each classic faith and probably ones for more modern ones as well. They are powerful, but not each one is omnipotent. They never were. Even from the early showings with the other gods we know that it is not the case that the god are all that powerful. Thor is the most powerful warrior god, and Odin is the most powerful of the Aesir period. The others are below that. Baldur is powerful in alot of ways but not so much that he outstrips every single mortal out there. Hulk is an example of science out of control and the power of nature being funneled into a being represented by gamma fueled rage. Hulk should be able to crush all but the more powerful gods. Baldur likely could hold many versions of Hulk for a time but that is all.

The gods are supposed to only be below ToAA? Since when? That never was stated even by Lee, Kirby or anyone. No one has ever said that. There are some instances that they claim to have made the Earth and the beings on it but that is about as large as they get. Most accounts do not have them as older than the Earth. In fact one of the more followed origins of the gods is that the Elder gods were first and that the gods as we know them were born from the energies they left while fleeing and shaped by mortal belief. Very powerful beings but not cosmic or of universal importance in and of themselves. You seem to be assigning them rolse nearer to the Promial gods who sheparded the universal forces at the start of things or of Galactus who is of a universal scale in importance.

When did Odin merge a galaxy into one being? Mangog is from a world. And impressive. There is the instance of Odin destroying galaxies but it is more an aberration, and beings like Galactus have done it as well. There are also showings having Odin unable to do things on that sort of scale. And why would gods be above Celestials? Because they are called gods? So? Gods of one world hardly matter that much in the grand scheme of things. Space gods are universal in scope.

And I do not see how Fraction helps the cause at all? Odin stood up to Galactus? There fight ended with Odin knocking himself out of the fight. That is not good for fans of Odin or Galactus. Odin had to go to his ultimate weapon to keep fighting Galactus. That is granduer and power only beyond ToAA? There is no evidence of that ever being the case. Ever. The gods always were powerful and probably the most powerful force of good in the universe for a while but that has changed a bit. Odin was not even able to destroy the Earth himself in Fear Itself even though he said that was his original goal.

Thor's mother being Jord, or Gea, is part of the myth and the reason Thor is more powerful than his fellow Asgardians. That said you admitting that the Elder gods are more powerful than Odin pretty much points out that even you cannot keep your own logic straight. How are gods more powerful than representations of the universe or of death itself. A death god serves under death in some way.

And by your own definition any being from another reality is a god and should have universal power in regards to what htey do.

Look Raist bunnies...
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