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    He didn't "come to be known as" that's what he is. He is the Lord of Storms this is an absolute fact. I mean seriously I get trying to prove a point you have but this is beyond ridiculous. This is the same Thunder God who whipped up a storm powerful enough to blow galaxies out of his way to see his Father's fight. This same storm wiped the Earth away, with Hulk on it.
    Thor didn't come to be seen as a god by the vikings. He is LITERALLY the GOD of THUNDER. If you can't accept that simple fact you just need to quite.

I think you should take a deep breath ad actually wrap your head around what I actually said instead of just be outraged for nothing. Yes, Thor title is "god of thunder" and his portfolio include lightnings, but so is Raiden, Izanagi, Zeus etc. That means that Thor is but one of many to share that portfolio and he isn't the living concept of thunder and lightning in the same way an abstract would be. For example, you have Hela, a goddess associated with Death, and then you have DEATH itself. Thor isn't thunder and lightning. He is a being that is associated with it. So in short, he isn't a walking abstract or concept. He's a member of a civilization called Asgardians.

As for Thor whipping storm blowing out, *GASP*, Galaxies (seriously) I don't know how you can even formulate the idea without exploding in tears or laughing till you go mad. No wonder you feel Thor is disrespected when he doesn't instantly annihilate any opposition this side of Eternity. What a joke.  Man where does all those fanboys come from that's insane.

I think you should accept a simple fact. As was shown Thor's control and relationship to the aspects of the storm are as to him as a person's own right arm. You tried to downplay the control talkin about Thor shoots lightning that's the most of it. This is essentially what you said. You're wrong and you know it.
What Thor did, past tense, isn't an idea. It's what happened. OMFG Thor actually did something powerful. (que you goin into a nonsensical rant, and calling people fanboy for bringing it up) It's amazing how the nay-sayers, like you , always rely on the same stupid gimmicks to make a point, that doesn't exist.
Thor raises a storm like the one mentioned and he's omnipotent and unbeatable. It can't just be one of many pre- Thor hating, examples of Thor's superior power. Heaven's to mergatroid we can't have that. It's all or none in the eyes of haters. He's either too powerful for words, or he needs to be street level.
And I suspect fanboys of an insane nature would come from the same place haters like you spawn from. Takes one to know one after all.
I however simply pointed out a fact which you can't accept and thus had to throw out things like "fanboy", and "rage" over.

"Pay Homage to the Might of Thor, Son of Odin!"- Odin
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