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Subj: Re: I got cut off, and accidentally sent my reply before I finished...anyway....
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Reply Subj: Re: I got cut off, and accidentally sent my reply before I finished...anyway....
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      As a big Surfer fan I always sort of debate what is best for the character. He has always been one of the most versatile and powerful guys around. The physical aspect just caught up later. Are many of his stories melodrama. To a point, I guess. But I always found that to be somewhat interesting. It is a bit cliche, shall I say, the lonely god with the dilemma of when to use it sort of thing, but I think it works in alot of ways. Surfer for his most part is a god, created by a force of nature to find worlds to feed on so it makes sense he is incredibly powerful. Is he to much, maybe. There are not to many beings that can fight him head on but I think that is true for any of the big guns in either Marvel or DC.

    I have no problem with the scope of Surfer's power. I however do have a problem with the apparent lack of limit in his versatility coupled with that scope. It's to the point you have to create excuses for the character to have drama in any believable form. Bouhou, I am the silver surfer and I lost my planet and my love. I'm sentence to a life of nigh omnipotence that let me travel in time, evolve world in moments and manipulate matter and enrgy on a planetary scale... the list of what I can't do is so short you really have to think about it hard to be sure... wait a minute, why can't I just do to Zen-la and myself what I did in issue # XYZ again? Oh, right! Script says I have to whine in space and appear like a victim beside a master that doesn't need me and that look really bad when compared to me. He has clear limits...

To a point sure but alot of the higher end showings for him are very draining. And the PC does have limits, Surfer has never been able to safely transmute a complex living being for instance. I agree with much of what you said but I think it is going to depend on the writter and his needs. Surfer has been depicted in lesser forms although still powerful.

    What makes it worst is when you realize that his job as herald doesn't require all that versatility one second. As long as he can find world anywhere in the universe and inform his master the rest is purely optional. The heralds are themselves logically optional from my POV and if they ever hget broken or destroy Galactus could just fix them or get another one. But the idea is, the character has nothing to do within mainstream Marvel the way he became...[quote/]
    Well in theory the whole herald thing is not needed at all by a guy like Galactus. It just made a cool origin story I guess. The versatility might not make much sense but making them extremly powerful does as otherwise worlds with armies would kill to many heralds.
    They are optional to a large part, although some of them I think Galactus just likes their company at some level. And giving them a bit of his power might just bring the rest of the goodies alone. Just as if the odin power was taken into bits and given to people.
    Why wouldn't he have something to do with it? Because of his power? He belongs as a Galactus herald. There, point and match. I think is ok on his own but he should not be quite as whinny as he was at times. And I do not think he should just beat everyone either, he has been bested it just takes the right tools or the right power to do so. And I never had a problem with him being very godlike and alien.

      I do think as a character he seems to work best as an antagonist. One with the right intentions, like he was until recently when he was forced to leave Galactus through some really dumb plot element by Fraction. At least I think so. And he is definatly more set up to not be dealing with bank robbers or anything like that. The things he should deal with really should be big in scale. I would say the true is same for Thor honestly. Although I think Surfer is a much different character. What makes him interesting, at least to me, is very different.

    That doesn't make for a strong title holder who has to produce a book per month. There are limit to playing the same gimmick months after months. It's no wonder the character only get minis. For me the surfer makes a cool poster to put on a wall but someone who can always answer anything with a use of his power is not going to appeal me or get any book outside a mini. Character X is sick, I'll cure him of his cancer or make up an excuse for not doing it (insert insipid spiritual dialog as an excuse).The planet just blew up? here it is, better than before minus the pollution...or don't do it because it's morally unacceptable but never fail to mention the reader you could do it anyway... Surfer get the crap beaten out of him? No problem! Just blink and problem solve in whatever ways you want... or continue to get beaten because you are a pacifist that can't use his power for violence... etc. etc.  Sorry, need some Gravol...

I do not have a problem with any of that. Although I think it is a bit harsh. Surfer cannot create life so reforming a planet would drain him alot and at the highest showing he could only make time move faster around it to speed natural goings on. And then could not control it. I think I have always enjoyed Surfer stories being among the stars and dealing with space empires and other such things. He has no longterm place on Earth. Which I honestly think he would run into the same problem as a Superman with nothing being a big threat to him.
He cannot hold a title. Although I am not sure if that is because of his power or just the character. Different writters have very different takes on the character. And many have dealt with him over the years to greater or lesser degrees. I think Englehart was one of my favorites. With so many minis a character also suffers from lots of problems with different people having very different views.

    Some character might have more intense powers than surfer, but they generally also have many clear things they can't do a damn thing about and I'm not talking about raising the dead. Surfer is never powerless in front of anything this side of Galactus and even then... Sure Dr Doom inexplicably exploit his legendary naivety with some two bit device and we wonder how a 20 000 years old character can still be THAT naive without telling ourselves: How convenient and unbelievable is that? The character could simply have the ability to travel the cosmos and shoot powerful energy beams and he would work fantastically well within the rest of Marvel but no, he has to be able to do anything to the same scope as Thor and Hulk instead of just a few things.

How old he is, honestly is up for debate. There are some instances where it says he is not thousands of years old and one or two do.
I like him, nothing you can do will change that. \:\-\)


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