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    The reason why Thor seems to lose fights is simply because he's trying not to kill them. He holds back much of his power. But what I like about Thor and the Marvel U is that anyone can be beaten at any time including Thor. I also like the fact that Thor can't do everything by himself like Superman. Why does Superman need a justice League when he's as fast as the flash, smart as Batman, can change time, can defeat any god, can do the impossible. Simply boring. Thor struggles with adversity from his family, friends, allies, enemies, and prophesies. How would you like it if your father stripped you of your power and banished you. How about knowing your mother is alive but didn't care to raise you. Also, your Brother is evil and wants to destroy you. Yet you still love them all. These are interesting issues. Yes many Thor writers wrote him weaker than he actually is but was the story a good one? if it was then I don't have a problem with it. In my book Thor is still undefeated. When Thor doesn't hold back, the Hulk gets knocked out halfway to the moon, Arishem the celestial falls, Annhilus flees, even Galactus flees, planets are destroyed, the Fate weave is destroyed, and the Infinites hear him. say you love Thor because unlike Superman he isn't invincible, but at the same time, in your opinion, Thor is undefeated and excuse all his defeats with him holding back all the time no matter the situation.

Supreme irony, you call Superman boring because he supposedly can do everything and is invincible when it is clear, at least post-crisis, that Superman can't do everything and it's generally the Thor fans who attribute Thor and his hammer the power do to whatever plot device they want (this thread is but a tiny sample of  this idea). Superman, for all his extreme powers has many clear area in which he is powerless and must accept to deal with the situation by other means than his powers. The Superman you describe no longer exist since a long time.

The uru filtering on this board goes way past 11.

What you fail to realize Would Be Watcher is this: For Thor it makes sense to be this way simply because what he created to be necessitates his being as such. Superman is simply an alien who's physiology reacts differently to our lower gravity and yellow sun.  If there was a planet with a green sun and half gravity and we can be there, does that make us Gods also? No, it simply means we have enhanced abilities based on the environment. But hey, Thor can fly through Space unaided and even through stars and black holes. I just want his showings to be representative of his abilities.

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