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    And Yet Valkyrie defeated Hulk. The Asgardians are not in question here. But for them it is also a state of being. Thor is exceptional amongst them as Hulk is exceptional amongst humans. 


Nobody ever said Hulk was invincible and beyond all others. However, you would have to be a complete tard to bet any money on Valkyrie vs Hulk in the long run. She got her one victory and chances are it will be unique. 

As for Asgardians not being in question here you must be joking. Again re-read the thread please. Thor is argued superior to all and everything in the universe BECAUSE he is a GOD!! Asgardians ARE gods. The initial poster even explicitly said Balder should be above Hulk because he is a god despite the obvious non-sense of the idea when we look upon history. Do you need me to draw lines between the dots to show you how "weird" your reply was?

     Thor is God of Thunder, he commands the storm and all aspects there of. He doesn't simply use Lightning he commands it in every way shape and form. It is the nature of who he is.

And Balder is the god of light, hermod the messenger of the gods, and Ares the god of war etc. etc. etc. None of them are light, speed, or war any more than Thor is thunder and lightning.  Marvel said and made the gods to be an extra dimensional race of super-humans. It's even said in every OHOTMU and on their website. Get over it. Commanding lightning in every shape or form still mean he use it albeit extremely well. 

The point to Valkyrie is that she did what you said is a total one sided affair. However you are comparing extreme examples to the norm. Like comparing a 2013 model Mercedes Benz to a model T. Average Human being v average Asgardian the Asgardian is 30 times superior at least. They have strength and durability greater than many super humans.
As for the thread? I don't care about the original topic. You attempted to downplay, yet again, Thor being a god. Referencing the movies idea that Thor is  from a race of aliens who are simply scientifiaclly more advanced. That is NOT the case. That is all my coment dealt with, nothing more or less. But you need to make it something more because you are wrong and can't deal with something so simple.
As for Balder the TC has a point. Balder is the god of Light, but the only author to even make a small attempt at exploring this was Uncle Walt. If this had been explored more throroughly then yes more likely than not Balder would be able to take Hulk down more often than not. News Flash Hulk is not, nor will he ever be(no matter who writes it) the end all and be all. He is one of the most over-rated characters in comic-dom. But that's neither here nor there.
You keep attempting to push this whole, "aspect" thingy. I don't give a crap what marvel says now they are full of the same sad lil Thor haters as are a number of others out there today. Thor was brought into the MU AS the God of Thunder. A being on a higher magnitude than most others. It was something Hulk, Superman fanboys, and simple haters couldn't deal with. You tell me to get over it, which is hysterical because this is exactly what haters couldn't do. Thor's status as God is a state of being YOU get over it.

"Pay Homage to the Might of Thor, Son of Odin!"- Odin
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