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    The point to Valkyrie is that she did what you said is a total one sided affair. However you are comparing extreme examples to the norm. Like comparing a 2013 model Mercedes Benz to a model T. Average Human being v average Asgardian the Asgardian is 30 times superior at least. They have strength and durability greater than many super humans.


     As for the thread? I don't care about the original topic. You attempted to downplay, yet again, Thor being a god. Referencing the movies idea that Thor is  from a race of aliens who are simply scientifiaclly more advanced. That is NOT the case. That is all my coment dealt with, nothing more or less. But you need to make it something more because you are wrong and can't deal with something so simple.


You don't care about the original topic... 
Wow, just wow.  If you are going to drop out of nowhere at least have the courtesy of giving me some slack when I replying about the topic. Nobody forced you to crash the party.

As for me downplaying Thor you got that backward. It's YOU who over inflate him beyond the point of ridiculousness. If you said I'm wrong, fine, but prove it. Words are cheap. As far as I'm concerned your version of Thor isn't the same as Marvel. Here is what they say about asgardians. It's not me saying so and it's FAR from the only place they are presented like this over the past 30+ years. Many official publications says as much and the comics mirror that.

"Inhabiting the Nine Worlds in the other-dimensional Asgardian system are six races of humanoid life forms. Each race is different and intelligent, but the most powerful race is that of the Gods. The Gods are the most human looking and believed to have inhabited Earth at one time only to move to Asgard sometime later. Norsemen and Germanic tribes used to worship the Asgardians nearly a millennium ago and that is why some of the names differ slightly like Wotan instead of Odin. Even though certain Gods are still interested in humanity such as Thor, the Asgardians do not have any more active worshippers or seek to have any. The gods possess superhuman abilities such as super strength and superhuman endurance. An average male god can lift up to 30 tons while an average female can lift up to 25 tons, but there are those that exceed these specifications. The Gods are also gifted with extremely long life, but are not immortal like the gods of Olympus. They are also immune to all terrestrial diseases and are highly resistant to conventional forms of injury".

That definition sound "godly" in the same sense you pretend? Not to me...

As for me taking my stance from the movie I think it's the movie who actually own me money for taking my stance about the topic. What I've said here FAR predate Thor's movie. Go back in the archive if you want to see for yourself.

    As for Balder the TC has a point. Balder is the god of Light, but the only author to even make a small attempt at exploring this was Uncle Walt. If this had been explored more throroughly then yes more likely than not Balder would be able to take Hulk down more often than not. News Flash Hulk is not, nor will he ever be(no matter who writes it) the end all and be all. He is one of the most over-rated characters in comic-dom. But that's neither here nor there.

And? This helps you how? Must I also think that for Sif, Hermod, the warrior 3, or any other Asgardians because no deep stories about them was ever done? It's not what the comics have shown us or the handbooks presented us. Hulk isn't the be all end all as far as I'm concerned but he sure is more powerful than 99% of all asgardians "god" title or not.

    You keep attempting to push this whole, "aspect" thingy. I don't give a crap what marvel says now they are full of the same sad lil Thor haters as are a number of others out there today. Thor was brought into the MU AS the God of Thunder. A being on a higher magnitude than most others. It was something Hulk, Superman fanboys, and simple haters couldn't deal with. You tell me to get over it, which is hysterical because this is exactly what haters couldn't do. Thor's status as God is a state of being YOU get over it.

Well in that case I don't give a crap about your opinion either. I was answering on topic material. If you just want to be outraged go bother someone else. Beside, I don't dispute Thor "god" title one second. I dispute what you say it implies. That HUGELY different. Your Thor never existed. At least not not between 1962 and today...

I responded to your downplay of the god thing again. What's funny is you link something that CLEARLY shows over and over again that you are wrong, despite the stupid parts you attempt to emphasize.
"The most powerful race is that of the Gods."
"The Gods are the most human LOOKING...."
"Even though the Gods are still...."
"The Gods possess superhuman abilities...."
"An average male God....."
"an average female God....."
"The Gods are also gifted...."
Constant reference to them being Gods.
The stance you take, that of the movies, is one Joe Quesedia said "finally get Thor", but you like he simply DO NOT COMPREHEND  the character. Your arrogance makes it too impossible for you to do that.
As for Sif and the warriors 3? They are still amongst the average Asgardian citizen. But I love how you keep tryin to justify your sad opnion by comparing Asgardian average with Human kind super abnormal in the form of the Hulk. When you compare Thor's actuality with Human kinds Super Abnormal Human kind would still look UP at the Gods. Thor is vastly superior to Hulk and Superman and the like. He's a Team buster level character. Anyone who can call a storm as powerful as the one shown is Easliy that.
The simple fact that you once again refer to Thor being God of Thunder as a title, and nothing more, is indicative of the fact that you DO dispute it.
Lastly here's a news flash for you, this is a Thor message board. You can have your opinions about the character as much as you like but they are in fact irrelevant here. Especially the whole God is meaningless thing. If you don't like it you need to take your arrogant "I'm gonna teach them Thor fans a thing or two" attitude, and putting it bluntly GTFO. It's amazing that too, after checkin 2 pages of the Hulk board I can't help but think, that for Thor alone you bring this holier then thou attitude in to correct "us ignorant" massess. Ironic since you are one of the few in here woefullly ignorant of the character of Thor.
So go ahead and rage all you want to this or whatever else. I can't be bothered to read anything more from you. You aren't worth the eye movement never mind the actual intake of such arrogant stupidity.

"Pay Homage to the Might of Thor, Son of Odin!"- Odin
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