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Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 at 04:22:50 pm CST (Viewed 74 times)
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    I responded to your downplay of the god thing again. What's funny is you link something that CLEARLY shows over and over again that you are wrong, despite the stupid parts you attempt to emphasize.
Only if we read and interpret everything like you do so far with Thor blasting away galaxies and such non-sense. Let's see what you have now...

     "The most powerful race is that of the Gods."
Your reading skills sux badly. Let me help you otherwise I fear you will filter everything out of context.

"Inhabiting the Nine Worlds in the other-dimensional Asgardian system are six races of humanoid life forms"

Here are the six races actually referred as opposed to what you imagined:


No humans anywhere. It's normal, they aren't part of that OTHER-dimensional system. 

Anyway, even if humans were to be included into that description, they are FAR from homogeneous. The ordinary homo-sapiens is definitely the least of the least but humanity has evolved and mutated. Some times naturally, other times artificially. You also have to add all those visitors from beyond the stars too that now populate the earth. Many of all those mentions before could easily make a lot of 30 tonners look bad.Some would even make the mightiest in the nine-realm look bad.


      "The Gods are the most human LOOKING...."

Yeah.... and? those dimensional aliens who are part of a race called "god" look a lot like us... great for them! But this helps your case how?

      "Even though the Gods are still...."

Now my argumentation just got floored... Or is it because all this hinge on humans being included into the races mentioned above? Too bad they weren't...
      "The Gods possess superhuman abilities...."
 OMG! I didn't knew that already! But how is it any different than a mutant?

     "An average male God....."
Are you waiting for me to give you infos about the average mutant or alien male to compare? Because I seem to remember writing something about homogeneity...
      "an average female God....."

      "The Gods are also gifted...."
Because we can't say the mutants are gifted? Right, I forgot that in Marvel mutancy is a curse... sorry my bad.

      Constant reference to them being Gods.
Was that ever disputed that they were referred to as "gods"? I don't think anybody ever did. What *IS* disputed is what it means to be a "god". And by looking at the description you got here you could pretty much replace every apparition of the word "god" with "mutant" or "alien" and nobody would be the wiser. No mention of power over the cosmos or beings capable of whipping galaxies in their sleep. Some mutants probably could tho... just saying.

      The stance you take, that of the movies, is one Joe Quesedia said "finally get Thor", but you like he simply DO NOT COMPREHEND  the character. Your arrogance makes it too impossible for you to do that. 
My arrogance, as you call it, is looking at what is not what fans say and want. Superman is my favorite but I don't pretend he can teleport everywhere he want because of it. As for comprehension, start by learning to read correctly and then you can patronize me about my comprehension. 

     As for Sif and the warriors 3? They are still amongst the average Asgardian citizen. But I love how you keep tryin to justify your sad opnion by comparing Asgardian average with Human kind super abnormal in the form of the Hulk. When you compare Thor's actuality with Human kinds Super Abnormal Human kind would still look UP at the Gods. Thor is vastly superior to Hulk and Superman and the like. He's a Team buster level character. Anyone who can call a storm as powerful as the one shown is Easliy that.
Uh, you guys ARE the ones who pretend "gods" are above all others. Not me. So it's your burden to defend that notion however imbecile might it be. Your stance isn't Thor is mightier than Ironman. Your stance is Gods are more powerful than non-gods full stop. You are angry because you have work hard to paint yourself in a corner.

If gods are mightier than non-gods, and Sif is a Goddess but Hulk is not, she therefore HAS to be mightier than Hulk otherwise the whole argument goes into the toilet. Right? 

     The simple fact that you once again refer to Thor being God of Thunder as a title, and nothing more, is indicative of the fact that you DO dispute it. 
No. I don't dispute Thor being part of a race called "god". I only dispute what it means to be a "god" in regard to the context of the thread. In the thread, being a god is argued to make a character more powerful than any other. It's false. It's as simple as that.
      Lastly here's a news flash for you, this is a Thor message board. You can have your opinions about the character as much as you like but they are in fact irrelevant here. Especially the whole God is meaningless thing. If you don't like it you need to take your arrogant "I'm gonna teach them Thor fans a thing or two" attitude, and putting it bluntly GTFO. It's amazing that too, after checkin 2 pages of the Hulk board I can't help but think, that for Thor alone you bring this holier then thou attitude in to correct "us ignorant" massess. Ironic since you are one of the few in here woefullly ignorant of the character of Thor.
You see, THAT I can easily believe... and it's really something sad to say. Too many here only see what they want to see no matter what.  They engage in discussions on a public board with no intention of discussing and will tell others who are willing to discuss honestly to GTFO.
      So go ahead and rage all you want to this or whatever else. I can't be bothered to read anything more from you. You aren't worth the eye movement never mind the actual intake of such arrogant stupidity.

Cool so that was the last of you then? Glad to hear it.

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