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    What you fail to realize Would Be Watcher is this: For Thor it makes sense to be this way simply because what he created to be necessitates his being as such. Superman is simply an alien who's physiology reacts differently to our lower gravity and yellow sun.  If there was a planet with a green sun and half gravity and we can be there, does that make us Gods also? No, it simply means we have enhanced abilities based on the environment. But hey, Thor can fly through Space unaided and even through stars and black holes. I just want his showings to be representative of his abilities.

If I fail to realize some things, and I sure do from time to time, I don't think it's what you say here. You argue like fans did 10 years ago when the "but he is a god..." argument was seen as somehow of any value whatsoever. We are in 2012 and, for most of us, that argument is puerile and terribly stupid. Marvel "gods" are simply dimensional aliens called "gods" not GODS in the absolute and literal sense of the word.  At least it's how Marvel itself portray them and presented them in their source books since forever.

Also, if, for you, unconditional power is what it takes to be a god, than I can name you plenty of characters whose powers do not depend on the color of a star and that are FAR greater than many gods including Thor. Should we call them all "gods"?

The fact is, in Marvel at least, power above that of "mortals" isn't a prerequisite to be labelled a "god". Volstaag is Odin's son and he is hardly a match for even the likes of Colossus or Thing, let alone Hulk. Legions of "mortals" are FAR mightier than many called "gods" and many non-gods are "immortals" anyway. It's all flavor text. 

Marvel could publish a character under the "mutant" or "alien" label with identical powers to Thor any time they would like it. They could even make him or her FAR more powerful. It's there choice and it would make perfect sense considering what a god is for them. This is what you apparently can't understand since your definition of a "god" isn't Marvel's. For them and me, Thor is a super-being like many, many others. The only difference is his origin, but the end result is the same as many "alien", "mutant", "inhuman", "eternal" or "whatever". That is all there is to it.

Here is the definition for a god used on Marvel universe as can be seen on their glossary.

A humanoid being with a longer lifespan and greater physical powers than human beings, whose kinsmen or self has once been worshipped by humanity. Some races of gods, such as the Olympians, are for all practical purposes, immortal. All races of gods now dwell on some extradimensional world, although they may have lived on Earth in ancient times. There seems to be a special connection between the gods who were once worshipped on Earth and Earth itself."

So to be a god, in Marvel, you need 4 things
  • Longer lifespan (not even immortality is required)
  • A superior physique than ordinary humans
  • Having been worship or be part of a group that was
  • Living in another dimension
This is a FAR cry than what some pretend or would like no? Thor is indeed a VERY powerful god all things considered.

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